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Combining PQ files

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21 minutes ago, Vidfamne said:

My wife and I frequently solves mystery caches on our separate accounts. However, when traveling on-site, it would be handy to be able to combine our different pq's. Is there a simple way to combine a set of PQ-files to one?


Considering that each Pocket Query is based on your own "history", the Finds and/or DNF's won't match, so the results will be necessarily different... instead of complementary (which I presume would be the desired outcome).

Maybe you can try with GSAK and Project-GC, by instance.

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Well, it doesn't seem to work as I expected. When I receive her list, I only see the original coordinates, not the solved ones. Any way to get them over without having her to first create a PQ and mail that separately? Reason for this q, is that we continue to add solved mysteries to our separate lists and it would be easier to just use the two lists to combine and then to create a resulting pq, but that doesn't seem to work?


Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to view the total list in GSAK, only the individual caches? At least I haven't found anything so far...

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If by "list" you mean bookmark, on creating a Query a the list, the owner of the bookmark will see corrected coords that they entered, and any other user will not. I think that's the crux your issue. 


the way to handle this is for each of you to create  a PQs of your separate lists, and then combine them, off site, using other software.   GSAK will do it, as will other software.





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Ok, so now I have tried this.... I dl a pq of mine to my PC. My wife did the same and emailed me the resulting zip-file.

I then tried to open both in the GSAK I recently installed, into the same db. I then upload all to the lists in my profile, so I could view the result on the map, but I still only see corrected coords for my caches, not for hers. I've tried to search the forums on GSAK, but fail to find anything useful...

Could someone please nudge me onwards?

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GSAK has a lot of features that can help you simplify your work flow. 


I'm assuming a couple of things:

  • You both enter corrected coordinates on the cache page (remember this is a two step process, click on submit and then accept - make sure the updates are really there).
  • As you're downloading PQ's and emailing zip files, you're not familiar with the Geocaching.com Access (API) native to GASK
  • You're not familiar with GSAK Macro's

The first thing you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the Geocaching.com Access (API).  You can use it to directly download the results of the PQ.  If you set up two accounts in GSAK, one for you and one for you're wife, it's a pretty simple process to combine the PQ's.


Note that when you download the PQ it will have the corrected coordinates, but will not have the corrected coordinates indicator set in GSAK.  If you do the download and then do a refresh of that database, it will.


Next familiarize yourself with the GSAK macro's, in particular Google_Map_v3.  This is a wonderful macro for mapping what's in you're GSAK database.  Hold down the shift key for more options as it loads.

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Thanks for your input, appreciated!

But all this seems to be a bit cumbersam. I mentioned only two PQ's as it was easier, but we are often three or more parts. So that would mean that we all had to get GSAK and everyone needs to set up two, three accounts in each... Surely there must be a simpler way to combine PQ's?

Maybe there are other ways? What we're doing, is we're on to a few Mystery trails, we split the solving between us and solve parts. We the want all members of the team to access the full trail with solved coords. My thought was that the easiest way would be to create and combine PQ's, but there may be other ways?

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6 hours ago, Vidfamne said:

Surely there must be a simpler way to combine PQ's?

Are you sure you need to combine them? Perhaps all you need to do is load multiple PQs into a device. My Android app and my handheld GPSr both handle multiple PQs just fine.

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20 hours ago, badlands said:

Note that when you download the PQ it will have the corrected coordinates, but will not have the corrected coordinates indicator set


This is going to be the problem.  If you're not extremely careful, two versions of the same cache location are going to keep resetting each other, because there's no indicator of which one is correct(ed).


You'd avoid this problem by keeping separate "his" and "hers" lists in your app, and switching between them as needed.


Locus Map on Android can handle multiple folders for caches, each which can take multiple PQs.  It's quick enough to display/hide an entire folder.  "This is one you've solved?  Just a sec, lemme switch folders."

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3 hours ago, Vidfamne said:

Do you use the official app?

I've used it for beta testing purposes, but generally I use one of the API partner apps. Actually, the one I use is no longer available in the Google Play store, so I need to pick another one that is still supported. But that's another discussion.

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