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British Virgin Islands


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10 hours ago, Jeepette said:

Hello, I will be visiting the islands from the US. I would like to place an underwater cache in the ocean. What type of container or material would you suggest that will last in salt water? Jeepette

If you're just visiting the islands, you can't place a cache the unless you've got a maintenance plan that involves a local that will maintain the cache after it's been placed.  "Vacation caches" haven't been allowed since almost the beginning of the game.

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While I'd love to see more geocaches down in BVI, I have to concur with @NYPaddleCacher  - there are enough vacation caches that have been abandoned in USVI and BVI under the guise of "a local will maintain it" without adding another to the pile.  For each of these I found, the local in question wasn't maintaining anything, so they just became a never-ending cycle of throwdowns placed by other vacationers.  That's not how geocache ownership is supposed to work.

Feel free to host an event to meet other travelers and local cachers.  And if you do your homework on the local geology and get landowner permission, you can see about getting an earthcache published.  But unless you can show that you will be regularly returning to BVI and can maintain a cache there yourself, or that you have a real, viable plan for maintenance, I would recommend not attempting to get a geocache published.

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