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... Remove all corrected coordinates from my account

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I have heard that GSAK can work as a frontend for Geocaching API, which means that it may be possible to make a GSAK script which restores all caches with corrected coordinates. Maybe someone who is using GSAK scripts could tell us whether it is possible or not.

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Can you be more specific regarding the problem?  i also store all corrected coordinates in GSAK and also keep them on the web page.

The only problem I am aware of is that the corrected coordinates flag is reset by a PQ load.  To get over that, I just filter to all mysteries and do a Geocaching.com Access > Refresh cache data for all in current filter and the CC Flag comes back.

Mind you, I don't use PQ's any more.  GSAK's native Get Geocaches or the GetCachesOnRoute macro are far more effective, don't have to wait in a queue and don't reset the CC Flag.  As far as I'm concerned, PQ's are redundant when using GSAK.

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