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Magellan Explorist gc

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I have tried 8 different programs and three different computer trying to download caches on my gps...I am quite tech savvy so it is not that I don't know what I am doing but I have no luck...the send to gps does not work for sure and I even went so far as to remove all caches from device and try to start clean....nothing..is it possible my device is faulty? Any help would be very helpful I have read so many articles and videos to no avail...I have tried...GSAK , EASYGPS,. And three different Mac programs...and a few more that were useless..the Magellan apps are totally useless . I have found one thing for sure many many people have the same problem...sorry for rant but I am so frustrated....

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you're a Mac user? Have you tried iCaching? Can you not just drop GPX files directly in an Explorist?

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I am having the same exact problem with the same exact GPS device. I was about to post the same issue but since you already have I will just follow and hope someone knows the answer. I have a regular laptop and use Windows 10.

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Updated the type of computer I use

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GSAK fully supports the magellan eXplorist GC in removable storage mode, so that should work.

Manually moving the pocket query gpx files to the device should also work, and is even described in the official manual:


See attached image.

Some questions:

  1. When you connect the eXplorist to the PC, does the device give you a "Connect to PC" option?
  2. Have you tried resetting the device (see manual)?
  3. Have you tried this on a windows machine? Which version of windows 10? (there are some known issue with windows 10)



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