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Doing my part to keep AOL CD's out of caches...


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So, are you making some high tech mirror over your bed icon_wink.gif or is this in some other room in your house. icon_biggrin.gif That disco ball light would probably create some interesting effects hanging from the ceiling.



The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup

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I think I still got a bunch laying around too. I also have 7 or 8 old 3.5 inch hard drive platter sets. They came from drives I am salvaging magnets from. There are 11 platters on each set, and I have 6 or 8 drives I have yet to break open. If you can get them apart (I do not have the tool needed) you could use them for you headboard. icon_biggrin.gif


My mind not only wanders...

Sometimes it leaves completely...



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