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Missing lookup code for waypoints


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After new edit cache page showed up, classic waypoints management page for cache listing disappeared and was replaced with unified edit interface. But when creating waypoints for cache (ie. multi) while creating listing at first (trough Hide a cache wizard), every waypoint get its own Prefix and Lookup. While only Prefix is editable. (side issue, I think..)

But when trying to add more waypoints later when using Edit listing page, added waypoints doesn't get any Lookup code and there is no way to add it later. (main issue)

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@JuRoot thanks for your feedback. You are correct, as part of the edit cache page listing release we removed the addition of the lookup code. The lookup code was actually not being used - it was added years ago as a potential use for saving to a GPS, but it was never implemented. The Prefix Code is what is currently used in GPS devices to identify stages and that will continue to remain as part of waypoints. 

Currently we continue to display the lookup code on the Cache Details page but we don't allow editing. We will be removing the lookup code entirely sometime soon, it's already not being displayed in our apps. 

Thank you!

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On ‎17‎.‎1‎.‎2018 at 10:57 PM, LivingInNarnia said:

Currently we continue to display the lookup code on the Cache Details page but we don't allow editing. We will be removing the lookup code entirely sometime soon.




I need to edit waypoints of my multicache GC71F99 - change order of them, delete some and add some other. The problem is that I can't edit the lookup and old wrong lookup codes are still visible. It will be confusing for other cachers. When do you remove the lookup codes?


Thanks, Petr


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Yeah, the coots.info also works with travel bug log (TL12345)


What surprises me is that when I download the gpx fil for GC1Y2FE, there are two waypoints:





And I would have thought that this waypoints somehow should b searchable 

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On 1/18/2018 at 10:57 AM, LivingInNarnia said:

We will be removing the lookup code entirely sometime soon,

Sorry to bring up an old topic. BUT. It's been more than 5 years since "sometime soon" was mentioned, however the annoyingly wrong lookup codes are still coming up. I just created a multi-cache last week, and this is how it appears on the website. Do we have any update on this? :)

Screenshot 2023-09-27 163600.png

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5 years is NOT soon, still an issue:


Parking coordinates of an older Multi Cache not longer available. Thought using these coordinates as trailhead were a good idea.


Unchangeable Lookup "PARKEN" requires deletion of that waypoint, Lookup of the new one is now empty. Looks like I forgot to fill in data - but it is NOT MY FAULT!


Maybe in the app you cannot see lookup info, but on the web page they remain as an ERROR - what should be fixed.


Web pages are the main entrance to the game. Especially for entertaining Multi Caches web pages are important for preparation.


Too sad that these boring Adventure-Labs (what is NOT Geocaching!) are focussed by Groundspeak...

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