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Are you the one?


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Originally posted by kiwimonster:

Well, I was going to brag that we had now gotten them all, but I see that would be premature. We are, at least, caught up for the moment.




What?! There's bragging going on???

Okay, I'll join. icon_biggrin.gif


So tonight we are FTF on #8!! Just couldn't pass up this opportunity to do a little night caching. icon_wink.gif


Trinity: How did you do that?

Miraren: Do what?

Trinity: You moved like they do. I've never seen anyone move that fast.


~M icon_biggrin.gif


**If you.re not standing on the edge, you.re taking up too much room.**

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I know, this one has definitely been the slowest of them all to be approved. 48+ hours at this point. But I will say, several of the others were approved within hours. Hopefully it will be up soon.


BTW: I've answered this one a few times recently, so I suppose it's worth posting here. There are 10 caches total before the final. When you find AYTO#10 (assuming you've found all the others) you will have all the information you need to find AYTO FINAL.


Should be soon too... who will be...


THE ONE! icon_smile.gif

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We always seem to find the coolest places geocaching, this will be another first for this place[icon_biggrin.gif].


Back from the SCM and ready to go again. God it is good to be back home finally and to see some green again. I have also learned all the secrets of the evil bison tubes and their hides with no clues anad how to find them. Some wickedly evil cache hides in Spokane and Idaho. May try to incorporate some of them here.


Glad to be back and had a great time, wish some of you could have been there also.


I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, please keep me here.

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Glad to see the finds on AYTO#09... things are heating up! icon_smile.gif


As far as AYTO#3, I will do my best to get it back up ASAP. If for some reason I don't have it back up by the time I release AYTO#10, I will give the numbers from that one to anyone who has the other 9 already logged (I should have it back up before AYTO#10 though).


You guys are really gonna like #10 and the final... I promise! icon_smile.gif

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Ok... AYTO #3 has been replaced. Now it looks as if AYTO #5 is in question now. I will do my best to verify this one soon. A note on AYTO #5 though, it is very small and very well hidden. The last time someone had trouble finding it, it was in fact still in place. This is a busy area though, so it's very possible it's gone.


BTW... Both AYTO #10 and AYTO Final are coming very soon... icon_wink.gif

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Originally posted by GeoNap:

BTW... Both AYTO #10 and AYTO Final are coming very soon... icon_wink.gif


Hopefully not too soon. icon_frown.gif I really, really, really don't want to be in LA when this comes out (we're out Friday through Monday). I just know that even though there are two of us, that we can be - the one!



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While I have no delusion if being "the one", my weekend is freed up for a nice hike in the rain. Thanx to my hunny I even have a cool new rain jacket icon_smile.gif. So bring em on...



* Remember... Only you can pervert forest faeries... *






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Originally posted by pdxmarathonman:

Congratulations to all 3 of you guys. I love the fact that the cache page says that #10 can only be hunted dawn till dusk icon_razz.gif Yeah, right!


At least it was daylight for the final!

You guys all earned it - I'll be scraping up the dregs one of these days.


Dawn till dusk?!? I read it dusk to dawn!


Man... I wondered why there weren't more people around.


"And then Trogdor smote the Kerrek, and all was laid to burnination."

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I think we were going on Greenwich Mean Time. Really thought someone else would have come right after the cache pages came out around eleven thirty on Friday. Was really suprised that we were the first. Went from the three thirds to the two halves to THE ONE. Congrats you guys.


I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, please keep me here.

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I love the fact that the cache page says that #10 can only be hunted dawn till dusk...


Yeah, maybe some who didn't follow the rules should be DISQUALIFIED from being the ONE. icon_wink.gifSome of us did the hunt after dawn!



Really thought someone else would have come right after the cache pages came out around eleven thirty on Friday. Was really suprised that we were the first.


It's a good thing you got there when you did, otherwise those evildoers who *may* have gone earlier would have beat you. icon_wink.gif


No, really, I am Not feeling sorry for myself!

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I don't recall any signs at the park saying closed dusk to dawn and all gates were open so we paid our fee and went on in. Geocahcing at night where it is allowed is very fun. I think of our nearly 800 finds over 200 of them have been after dark. If a park or area is clearly marked closed after dark I generally try to respect that. Didn't notice any here.[icon_smile.gif]


I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, please keep me here.

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I remember making a comment about how cool it is to watch the salmon swimming up stream at Eagle Creek. Too bad it was too dark to see that they were right there at the time. Last summer when we went hiking out there, the water level had dropped to the point that they couldn't get any further, and there were pools with literally hundreds of 2-3 foot salmon just swimming around in circles. Kinda sad knowing that's as far as most of them were going to get.


For me it was really cool doing the hike at night KNOWING what a drop off some of those cliffs were. A few times I shined my flashlight over the edge, and it just kinda faded away into the darkness. You couldn't even see the bottom of the creekbed below. For Grandpa & Sparky, you will definately have to do that hike again during the day.


"And then Trogdor smote the Kerrek, and all was laid to burnination."

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Yeah... I emphasized the whole 'dawn to dusk' thing primarily as a safety concern. I'm not sure what the actual limitations are on the trail.


I think as far as the trail rules are concerned, it's cool to be there whenever. I would assume so anyway, since there are campsites up above 'high bridge' and several others on the way to Whatum Lake.


My thinking was I didn't want someone unfamiliar with the area going off one of the sheer cliffs on that trail. icon_rolleyes.gif Because that would probably be bad... No... not even probably... that would be bad... icon_smile.gif


For those of you that haven't seen it in the daylight, take a trip back up there sometime and you'll see what I mean. Some of those cliffs are REALLY FAR down.


Anyway... glad to see you guys enjoyed the series. icon_smile.gif


And for the rest of you, the caches are still out there... Hunt away! There's still lots of good stuff left.

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Well, I guess I should weigh in one this one. icon_smile.gif

I really had fun doing this series. I started doing the series a bit later than most but everything fell into place. Particularly the timing for #10 and the final. I didn't have anything planned for the weekend and I had spent all day friday with the family so I din't feel too guilty about taking off.

I saw that the last two had come out late Friday night and immidiatly started packing my stuff. I arrived at the parking area for #10 at about 8:00am with the expectation that there was no way I would be the first and that there would be a parking lot full of cars with geocaching bumper stickers. I was looking foward to meeting some geocachers whose logs I'd been reading. To my surprise there was only one car in the entire lot. That and the fact that I didn't see another sole on my hike up was actually getting my hopes up that I was the first one up there. When I was opening the cache I think I was actually holding my breath. Of course, the first thing I see as I open the lid was Grandpa Rocks & Grouchy Gramma 's SI staring at me! Oh well icon_smile.gif

I had a great time...It was incredible to see those salmon (I'd never seen that in person before). Also, as I was hiking back up from the final I saw an elk bedded down about 20 feet from me.

It just about killed me to leave that area without finding the bonus but I searched for over an hour. I guess I must have been looking for the wrong type of thing. I guess I'll just have to go back sometime. icon_smile.gif

I hope to run into some of you all on the trail sometime!

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Well, I'm glad you all had fun at our expense, although I'm pretty sure we would have waited until sunrise, and failed to be the one. Have hiked Eagle Creek several times - High Bridge simply must be seen. The only problem with the hike is that it is too popular...


LA was quite interesting, caching wise. At one point we were 1 for 6, and the one we had found pretty much had a picture on the web page detailing exactly where it was. Boy, we were feeling like we really didn't know what we were doing...


After that, we found everything we looked for, and even went back to find the more interesting ones we couldn't find before. We finished up 12 for 14.

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I would echo other's comments on this series (and there was a great place on the Eagle Creek trail where you could get such an echo). My son and his friends were enthralled with the huge salmon in the creek. They were so excited that they could just reach down and touch the fish! We thoroughly enjoyed the hike, even though there were lots of other hikers. Finding the cache, and then solving the puzzle was icing on the cake. We saw a tree that looked like an alien, once the pictures develop I'll post it.


Thanks GeoNap and Fractal for this most excellent series!

My previous comments in which I was crying over spilled sour grapes icon_frown.gif were all tongue in cheek. I sincerely congratulate Sparky and Joyson for getting to the final first and becoming half of the One. (While I am merely the fifth One.)


Did some calculations, and figured I put over 500 miles (as the crow flies) on my car for this series, and since my car does not fly like a crow, more like 700 miles.


For those who have not yet completed this journey, go for it! There's still lots of cool stuff in the Final cache. And all the sights along the way to the caches are awesome!

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Originally posted by Team JOYSON:

So what happened to everyone? I was expecting a lot more people to be after the final this weekend.

Heh, I found one of them! Sounds like a fun series although impractical for us drysiders. Maybe the next logical step is to make it state-wide. Nothing like several degrees of separation to amp up the difficulty.

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