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Favorite EarthCache for 2017?


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What is your favorite EarthCache for 2017?

It can be either one you created or one you visited. Was it challenging? Hard to get to? Did something funny happen on the way? Was it just stunningly beautiful?

It's cold where I am, so I'm in the mood to curl up here and listen as you tell us the story

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I visited 27 EarthCaches this year, and GC11M7T (Acadia: Mind-blowing Geology) was probably my favorite.  You have to visit several sites, some of which are away from the crowded portions of the park, and see different aspects of the geology of the park. (It also is a bit of a puzzle cache, so that's a bonus!)

Honorable mentions go to GC10VMY (Eternal Flame Falls EarthCache) for its uniqueness, and GC10Y5P (Penn State Polylith EarthCache) which for some reason I found very cool.

i want to visit at least 15 more EC's this year so that I can be at 250.

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It's always hard to narrow a number of great things down to my favorite.  Birth of a Dune at White Sands NM comes to mind.   A stunning hike across the dunes.    


But where does that leave the hoodoos of Chiricahua and Massai PointKartchner Caverns, and some of the other earthcaches on that trip?   

Perhaps it was a fortunate year, to be camping among the Elk at Gold Bluff in the California Redwoods, hiking the Tokopah Glacial Valley in Sequoia or visiting other earthcaches where we traveled.

Goat Mountain stands out - in the middle of nowhere in the Mendocino National Forest.  This had been on my "to do" list for a long time - ever since friends had been the first to complete the earthcache several years earlier.  When we finally got a vehicle that would take us there, we loaded up our small Go tent trailer, put the the kayaks on top, and headed out for the weekend   After exploring the mountain area, the flat tire on our way back to camp was not that discouraging - mostly it was fun simply seeing where the forest service roads took us.   A few months later the earthcache was archived after someone posted a find who did not submit the logging requirements.   Sometimes it's just a matter of timing.  


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I only started geocaching in March 2017; and have done only 10 EarthCaches.  My favorite of those is probably GC18ZAN - Howe Cave EarthCache, because I met the CO at an event, and she encouraged me to do it (my first EarthCache!); it's a place I visited many times before it WAS an EarthCache, and it's close to where I was staying, so it was easy to get to and "do".  It was very nostalgic for me, and so that's why I chose it as my 2017 favorite EarthCache.

I do have to admit the two we did in Yosemite National Park, GC2MM1A and GC2M28R were pretty impressive though.  :) 

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Ma favorite is GC6T3J9 Déambulations géologiques dans Strasbourg (geological wandering in Strasbourg). It is really atypical because it leads you in several places at the very center of a town (Strasbourg, France). It's amazing to discover very old stones nobody will suspect on some buildings' frontage.

Here is the beginning of the description of the cache:


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I didn't get too many earthcaches this year either, maybe a dozen.  Of those, my favorite was GC1B1J8, Virgin Gorda Baths, which was a maze-like scramble through weathered granite boulders on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.

(Sadly, it's one of the few geocaches that wasn't affected by the hurricanes coming through -- which we only avoided by one day on our trip.  If we hadn't changed our flights, we would have experienced the hurricanes firsthand.)

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