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How many categories?

Bon Echo

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If you look on the main page, it says:




Waymarking Site Statistics

Presently there are 781944 waymarks worldwide, listed in 1112 user-created categories.

Updated 12/26/2017 10:26:19 AM (Pacific)

And if you go to the categories page, it also says:


Presently there are 1112 user-created waymark categories in the directory.

Yet if you go to my profile and view the category grid, it says:


Grid Count: 342 of 1110

And sure enough, I count 1110 squares (with icons or in blue-purple if I have yet to find or post one in that category). The last square being for Bicycle Repair Stations (which is inline with the Newest Categories page).

So where are the 2 missing categories?

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It looks like Culture -> Yard Art Silhouettes is set as a category "group" or "folder" or "directory" or whatever you want to call it -- not a "leaf" category that can be posted into, just as Animals or Buildings -> Architectural are not leaves.  The description says that you must first select a subcategory, of which there are none; so it is a dead end.

Whether this was intentional (someone was planning to make subcategories, such as Animals, Cowboys/girls, Gardening Posteriors?) or accidental, one cannot tell by just looking at it.  Depending on how it's implemented, it could be a simple "flag" in the category that could be switched to indicate that it is a leaf category that can be posted into, or if not a flag or something simple, it would have to be tossed out and re-created in the database as such.

Interesting mystery.

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