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Help! Lost GPS at GCFFOB Confluence

Steamer's Wake
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man, that's a bummer. years ago I did the same thing iwth my Garmin Summit...I left it on the top of my truck and drove off. Fortunately, ater passing 4 cars going the opposite direction and 22 miles down a rough logging road, I was able to realize that fact and turned around and found the unit on the roadside just a few feet from the trailhead entrance.


Anyway, something to consider...did you leave the gps on the top of the rig?


Good luck,



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Yep, it's one rugged unit. I just finally ordered an etrex Vista...just got that baby today.


You want to talk about rugged, I dropped my old unit in Lake Ballinger the other day and took it apart...drying out the circuit boards, etc. It still works...barely, but I can put in waypoints and find a cache. I can no longer download info to the unit though.


Hey good luck with the search.

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I also dropped my Garmin 12 of the roof of my car going about 35mph. I heard it clatter on the pavement. Stopped, ran back, fired it up, good as new, not a scratch.


It is possible I may end up at confluence tomorrow. If so, I'll look too.




"See the wonderous works of Providence! The uncertainty of human things!" Geo.Washington

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I'm sorry to hear your unit is AWOL. I can just imagine the feeling, my RINO has "disappeared" on occasion, due to the belt clip knob unscrewing itself. But, I've luckily found it again. I've been wondering however...if found, would it count as a cache? icon_wink.gif

Good Luck...I do hope it finds its way home.

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I lost my Garmin 12XL hunting a cache almost 2 years ago. I realized it before I got back to my car and we went back to hunt for it. Never did find it, even after multiple trips back. This was in a fairly busy park so it's highly likely someone found and kept it. I notified the Parks and Rec Dept. in the event someone turned it in, but nobody ever did.


If the cache is within a managed area, contact the proper authorities and leave you name/number in the event someone turns it in. Depending on the type of unit, had you burned your name/number into the firmware so it displays upon startup? Did you have any type of indentification on/in the unit? somethign to consider should you end up buying a new unit.


Good luck to you.





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Originally posted by Steamer's Wake:

Well I didn't believe it was possible. We found the cache and left. Got half way through Carnation and noticed NO GPS. We went back and looked for a few hours, picked up three bags of trash but couldn't find it. If you find a Garmin Vista please let us know. Steamer's Wake 4/28/03


Did you add that info to the cache log?


When I lost my GPS case, I added it to the 3 or 5 cache logs I did that day. 2 weeks later, a cacher found the case, saw my note when he posted his log, contacted me & mailed the case and the batteries back to me.


Also, I altered tho copywrite page on my Magellan, so everytime you power it up you see:


Propoerty of


<my phone number>




Not all those that wander are lost. But in my case... icon_biggrin.gif

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After reading this forum back when people were searching and feeling empathy for the loss Zzzoey and I felt compelled to make the same mistake. GPS on hood, drive away, ugly realization, a return to the scene of the crime, and PRESTO. We got very lucky and despite the scratched casing all is in order. That was pretty excruciating, driving back and forth along that stretch of road with fear weighing upon our heart. But at least we made the find!

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