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Longitude based EC


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Burlington Vt sits exactly on a Longitude and they have some information about it etc. I taught this could be turned into an EC but I have no idea how. I did a quick search for similar;ar EC to get some ideas but didnt find anything. Do you think this could be turnned into an EC ? do you have examples for Longitude and/or latitude based ECs ? 



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Longitude has to do with coordinates and geography, not geology.  Geography is not an earth science.  I think you're going to need something a little more.

Start by reading through the Help Center articles on earthcaches and then the GSA guidelines.  If you want to bounce ideas around once you have a grasp on what's required, that's what this forum is good for -- come on back with your questions once you've got the basics down.

edit: wait, you're an Earthcache Gold Master?  okay...my advice on reading the guidelines still applies, but really, I'd've thought you'd know how earthcaches work by now if you've gotten 17 published.

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Hi hzoi

Yes I know how EC work and this is why I raised this issue to see if I am missing something and there is a way to bundle the cool geography fact with a geology based phenomena. I assume if it was the equator it would have been easier. GC5VY42 is a good example of such a bundle right ?   And I think this also answers BlueRajah remark. Basic map information is unaccepted but if I can enrich it somehow....

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5 hours ago, Essap said:

This cache deals with similar items. 

True, but be aware that is well before the current guidelines, and before there was a reviewing team.  It was only Geoaware reviewing all of them (plus a few from his office) at that time. I don't believe it would meet the current guidelines.

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