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  1. Without the rating system, one cannot qualify for a second AL. I'm not sure that is correct. was awarded my second AL before my first AL was found.
  2. I read the descriptions. I do not like adventure labs that require sequential finds because you can not read the descriptions on the individual stages until you find the previous stages, Can not read them at home. I generally give Adventure Labs that require sequential stages 1 point lower than I normally would. I have only encountered a couple where the sequential order makes since and enhances the experience.
  3. Never did get it to work. Ended out saving my information, deleting my Adventure and recreating it. Works fine now as is active.
  4. I tried deleting the Adventure Lab App and reinstalling. I get the same result. I have now made it playable, but private. Here is that link https://labs.geocaching.com/goto/Gilfillan I get the same result. I would appreciate anyone trying my private link and seeing what they get. Here is the link I get when I issue a new test. https://labs.geocaching.com/goto/2b57f608-ecc9-4cac-ac0d-233b51064907 With either one I get message can not find an adventure with that name Thanks for any help.
  5. Tried Max and 99 method and get the same message "could not find an Adventure by that keyword"
  6. Having a issue with testing. I have my Adventure together and have run the test 3 times and deleted them. I made a few changes and tried to run the test again before making it live. I scanned in the QR code and receive a message ' Could not find an Adventure by that keyword' I tried signing out of the App and back in, but I still receive the same message.
  7. This cache deals with similar items. GC1VCF1 ▼
  8. This is not working for me. Maybe I am misunderstanding something. Once I get to Wherigo.com to download the cartridge my choices are Garmin Colorado, Garmin Oregon, Garmin Nuvi 500 and Pocket PC. I don't see an option to download to the Wherigo app. We enjoy doing Wherigos and have done about 15, but have always used our Garmin, because I have never been able to figure out how to get them to work on the Droid.
  9. Just as an update. I did contact Groundspeak and they removed the souvenirs in question. Apparently, however, there is no way for me to remove them myself.
  10. My profile shows souvenirs for a number of events from Germany. I have never cached or logged any caches in Germany. I experimented and logged and then immediately deleted the log for a cache for North Dakota ( I know I will log a cache there soon). Now I have acquired the North Dakota souvenir. I have not been able to determine any method to delete these unearned souvenirs. Does anyone know a method to do this? Thanks
  11. Although I see many negative aspects that seem regressive in the new search options, I do like one aspect. After you have done a search and then map it, the maps shows puzzles with corrected at the corrected position, rather than the original posted coords. This is an improvement in the new search function.
  12. The 30 mile limit makes this nearly useless for me. I have found everything within 30 miles of my home. I would previously a couple of times a week look at all caches within 100 miles of my home and sort by date hidden to see what new caches had been hidden. Then, I would plan caching trips based on areas with new caches. The new format makes this impossible. I also dislike the new layout. The old list showed many more on a page and was quicker to sort through.
  13. I got directed to this old series of posts as I am trying to solve my problem of downloading pocket queries directly in GSAK. A few years ago I could just pull down the download pocket queries and GSAK would automatically download any existing pocket queries or ones I checked into my GSAK data base. At some point that stopped on both my computers. I now unzip and then load each pocket query individually. (About 5 each day) I maintain a data base of all Minnesota active caches plus some neighboring area I cache in. I have tried to get this fixed through the GSAK forum without success. Anyway on this line you are talking about dropping the query into GSAK. How does this work? I can not seem to get it to work. I have unzipped the pocket query and then tried to drop it into GSAK, but nothing happens. THanks for any assistance.
  14. Anyone else get souvenirs that they did not earn. I now have 2 souvenirs from Mega events, one from New Brunswick and 2 from Germany. I have never been near either place and never logged or even looked at the cache pages.
  15. How about logging a find that "I was with X when he hid the cache". This is also not finding the cache. We have one local cacher with probsbly over a thousand "finds" claimed this way. Seems in bad form, but I guess we each play the game in our own way.
  16. I had the same thing happen. They were opening pretty well last night. Hopefully this stays.
  17. I am aware of the geocaching app. I don't need to use my iPad for actively caching, but I want to use it to look at caches and get information. I have the app for my droid, however I prefer the Cgeo app and end out using it more. The app does not do everything that the website can do. It would be nice to be able to use all the features of the website on the iPad. I may end purchasing another laptop so that I can cache the way I want to. Then I can fully use the website, use GSAK and download the caches to my Garmin. These are all things that I can't do with my IPad. The only advantage for caching of the IPad that I see is that I can cache directly with the iPad. I don't see myself doing this as I already have the Garmin and the droid that I can take in the field and I am quite happy with. I really miss only being able to manipulate my GSAK data on my laptop. Now I have to use my desktop for GSAK and downloading to my Garmin.. Also, I miss being able to take my laptop with me on a trip with GSAK loaded so that I can transfer caches to my Garmin from the laptop, if necessary.
  18. Yes, I am using the google maps from the geocaching.com page. Is there another map that I can use? I may experiment with that tonight.
  19. I recently got an ipad. When I go to view larger map and get the map with nearby caches I cannot click on the cache icons. With windows on my laptop, desktop or even my droid phone I can click on a cache icon and see the cache name and other information. With the IPad I might get the information after I click on the icon 5 or 6 times. Is there a way around this problem or can I just not use that feature with my IPad?
  20. The ratings don't say a tool makes it a 3 cache. Climbing with hands is not required. You can back the vehicle up and easily reach the cache. If you are going to rate everything that that is 8 feet off the ground as a 5 terrain, then the many caches in the rafters of shelters should be 5 terrain. They require climbimg on a picnic table or something else to retrieve. My climb for this cache is certainly not any more difficult. I don;t this is what the guidelines mean by very steep elevation.
  21. This is what the guidelines indicate for a 3 terrain. "Not suitable for small children The average adult or older child should be OK depending on physical condition. Terrain is likely off-trail. May have one or more of the following: some overgrowth, some steep elevation changes, or more than a 2 mile hike." My cache does not meet any of these criteria. And a tool is needed. A guideline is just that, a guideline. It’s not the law. You have flexibility in your rating. If you found a few tough hides in your area, you will get an idea how people view ratings.
  22. This is what the guidelines indicate for a 3 terrain. "Not suitable for small children The average adult or older child should be OK depending on physical condition. Terrain is likely off-trail. May have one or more of the following: some overgrowth, some steep elevation changes, or more than a 2 mile hike." My cache does not meet any of these criteria.
  23. Thanks for the input thus far. Maybe this is more of a TOTT issue, rather than a terrain issue. Also I will add something on the page that there is no need to take anything apart. I'm not certain I want to add a hint or indicate that the finder needs to go up.
  24. I have a cache I recently hid and am having trouble with the proper rating. The cache is located in a county park on the outside of a log cabin. The cache placement is in an empty flower box about 10 feet off the ground. The cache can only be reached by a ladder or some other method to elevate the finder 3 feet off the ground. No inside access. There is nothing naturally there, no moveable benches. In some ways it is similar to many of the shelter hides we have found in rafters, except there is no picnic table to move and climb on. It is a regular sized, lock and lock. An easy find once you get up and can reach it. I have it rated a 2 difficulty, 2 terrain. I was reluctant to rate terrain higher because it would be a giveaway. You can drive within feet of the cache. There are no other places for a regular cache within 100 feet. Does the fact that you need to back up a vehicle or use a ladder raise the terrain rating? No other special tool is required. Some of the first finders have suggested that it is improperly rated. Thanks for the input.
  25. Thanks. that worked. There is still one local webcam that will not come up on my droid or my laptop, but comes up on my desktop. I will need to experiment further on this one.
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