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Virtual Reward cache in WA - looking for suggestions!

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Well, It looks like I'm one of the lucky ones. I got notification from HQ this morning, that I've gotten a Virtual Reward cache to deploy.  Now I've done a few hides over the years that people have enjoyed, but I must admit that the incubation period for cache ideas is a long one for me - guess I'm not a natural born prolific creative type.  So I'm looking for ideas, having never deployed anything like this before.  Since maintenance isn't as much of an issue with virtuals, I'm guessing close proximity isn't a big deal, but perhaps the ability to check on the place once in a while (or if an issue comes up) is a good thing.  

I live in the Bothell, WA area, so anything in the Puget Sound area is probably OK, but where?  What kinds of places here deserve a cache, but are unable to host a physical?

Thanks for your thoughts!


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What is a virtual reward cache? Are you sure you aren't confusing it with the trackable code that you get for finishing the Mary Hyde challenge? If that's the case, it's a code for creating a trackable (travel bug) item, not a virtual cache.

Nevermind. I just read the latest post on the blog.

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I enjoyed virtuals in National Parks very much. You can't place physical caches there. Earth caches are ok but very geology focussed and get annoying after a while. Virtuals usually mark a good hike. Rainier seems well covered for example.

So naturally, I'd check if all national parks have one where there should be one.


Or you could do the boring take-a-pic-of-the-Space-Needle one and gather loads of logs. ;-)

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I've enjoyed the virtuals I've found in National parks as well, but getting out there (to the Olympic Penninsula, or Rainier) is a pain for me these days, and I should visit the site before I place this cache.  I've got another spot in mind, east of the Cascades.  There's a traditional cache near there now, but more than 530 ft away from where'd I'd place a virtual (and it's been prone to muggling). 

I also found a great book: Washington Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff by Harriet Baskas, which has all sorts of interesting places in Washington.  I'm still looking at it to see it there's any other spots I might want to consider a little closer to home.

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