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New Problem in the Seattle Area?

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Don't sound the alarm quite yet, but there might be a problem in the Seattle area...


It may be that he's just listing caches that go missing for other reasons...or he's the cause, it's unclear as of yet.


Check out this guy's 5 finds and his post in the General forum and tell me what you think:


byebyegeocaching: his name is a bit antagonistic...


The Cowboy's Return: a geocache where the owners found the logbook with a log saying "I'm chalky, i took everything even the box" and left the logbook in the trash where the hiders found it...


They're all gone 200+ topic: The general forum topic where it seems that he is bragging about over 50 caches (although he's only logged into 5 of them)





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Anybody can steal a cache. It happens all the time. The cache is gone, it gets archived. Big whoop. The only way to do the job and make a spash is to tell people about it.


"I'm BadCacher and I've taken 200 caches. Ha Ha Ha, can't stop me now!"


The only difference between the two types is that the latter is far more pathetic. Again, big whoop.

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Good morning!


While I agree that byebyecaching seems to be taking "credit" for all these, I'm not sure s/he is actually responsible. Looking through the first 35 or so, the evidence isn't compelling either way.


The dates the listed caches have gone missing span from early spring to very recent, so there is time for someone to trach 200+ caches. But why wait and announce them all now? And, if one is trying to harm geocaching, why not blanket an area and trash all of the caches?


It looks more like someone spent a few hours on line going systematically through all the area caches, made a list of the ones that had been trashed, and then posted them altogether with hints of culpability.


Do we have a rogue? Or do we have someone trying to fan controversy?


Peace be with you!


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Originally posted by mckee:

Originally posted by Jeremy:

Some dork from Stockton, CA. You can ignore him. I banned the account.


Wow, that will solve everything!



Would you like some cheese with your whine?


Damned if you do and damned if you don't. At least it was a positive step.


It's easy to criticize without offering a solution towards a positive action.




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