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Insert a Picture....

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Sorry to ask, but I thought that this was the only place to ask this question....


I want to ask a question to the Geocaching Topics, in the General Community Forum, that requires a picture.

However, I don't get how to insert a picture....?


This is the forum that post pictures and I assume that this is as newbie as it can get, but I'm no computer wiz to any degree!

Any help would be appreciated.


Right above this text box: the smiley face, insert link, then insert picture.

This is where I don't get it.... It asks for a URL...?

I have a picture on my computer desktop that I would like to upload onto the post. There is no URL?

I have a MacBook Air.


In this forum, I see that there is an attachment button when wanting to post a new topic. Doe the General Topics Forum not have that option?

And, if so... how do I insert a picture that is on my computer desktop?


If you can help , that would be great.


I think that I uploaded a picture years ago in the forums, but it's been a while since I needed to upload (or in this case insert) a photo that I completely forgot how to.


Thanks again for your assistance!

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Your general premise is correct. A picture on your desktop will not be visible to anyone on the Forum. What I usually do is download the picture to a Listing page that I've Archived. Once it's saved to the Listing page, you can click on the image to view it in full screen. The URL will be visible in the address bar in your browser window. Copy and paste to the image link in the Forum topic you'd like to create and voila! you're set.

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The main thing is... we need to host any picture before using it in the forums.

Usually I prefer TinyPic or Facebook.


For you I guess the best way will be uploading any picture to a log in a cache of yours (or from others).

After the picture is on the gallery, click over it with your right mouse button (PC) and copy the location (URL).

Then you can paste it on any forum topic, clicking over the picture icon.

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Similar to both, for pics in the forums, we first add the pic to one of our archived hides (and see you have one).

Copy/paste from there. :)

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Thank you all! I was able to post my question and picture in the general topics section.

I went the route by posting a picture in an archived cache that I have and taking the URL from there.

I went to the other websites that were suggested, imgr and tniypic, etc..., but I didn't want to sign up for anything.


At any rate, thank you for helping me find a solution to my problem!



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