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I see there is a new lists page available on the Geocaching website and one can send your lists directly to your GPSr via Garmin Express.


Has anyone tried this?


I've been meaning to give it a try, so I attempted it just now. I first deleted old the old local PQs from my Garmin Oregon to get ready, so I could easily see the difference, if any. I decided to use Microsoft Edge, just because I was never able to directly “Send To” my GPSr using Edge, and I wanted to see that work.


The first thing I notice is that I can send “Lists”, not Pocket Queries. Maybe there is a way to send a Pocket query, but I didn't see that function. Maybe I can convert a PQ to a List? I had no “List” version of the selected Pocket Query. The next thing I noticed was, when I made a “List” that should be equivalent to my Pocket Query, it contained 3 fewer caches (815 instead of 818. I wonder what's missing, or how different the list is to the PQ). OK, no big deal... I guess...


Next, I added two new lists, because the first list did not show up in the “List Name” table. And neither did the 2nd one. They also don't show up in the “List” popup window on the New Search page. They both appear on the “old List” page, but that one doesn't offer “Send to Garmin”. I returned to the New List Page, and the lists still were not there. I closed Edge, restarted it, and now the new lists are there! Cool...


I then clicked-away the annoying popup message that announces that “Send to Garmin” is available so that I could get to the icon to use it. I clicked “Send to Garmin” and got a message about how Garmin Express is about to run, but Garmin Express never started up. So I first started Garmin Express so that it's in view and running. Yet clicking “Send to Garmin” still causes no message, nothing happens. Maybe it doesn't work in Edge. I'll try my other web browsers.


That took way longer to do than using a Pocket Query, including the time it takes to run a Pocket Query, yet after all of that, I had no files on the Oregon. So I went to my Pocket Query and placed the files manually as I always do.

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