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Recommend me a part of London that is good for caches

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I've got a whole day free in London coming up and I'd like to spend it geocaching. Can anyone recommend me a part of London that has a good number of interesting caches? I'm only interested in traditionals. I will have an all-zones travelcard but I don't want to spend too much time going from place to place, I'd rather stay in one area and walk from one cache to the next. Many thanks.

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I can understand you not wanting to do Multis or Puzzles if you're limited on time, but there are some very good and interesting virtuals and as mentioned above the Abbey Road Webcam (good if you're a Beatles fan).


Here's the caches centred on Trafalgar Square (basically the centre of London), sorted by Favourite points:-




Bear in mind that there are quite a few along the Thames river which require going onto the riverbed, so can only be done at low tide and can be muddy so you might not want to do those if you don't have some old clothes (or at least a change of clothes). But they are excellent caches if you can manage them.


By the way, I know I haven't actually answered your question, but I only know Central London, not the outlying areas. I think if you selectively look at caches within 5km of Trafalgar Square you will be able to find enough interesting caches to fill a day, but there will also be a lot of boring micros.

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Can anyone recommend me a part of London that has a good number of interesting caches? I'm only interested in traditionals.


I can't help with your whole question, but my favourite central London traditional cache is Father Thames and the Mermaid, which has many favourite points, but the cache can only be found at lower tide and finders get their hands dirty. :lol:


I hope you have a fun day in London!

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To Father Thames and the Mermaid I'd add:


- The Winchester Geese - a really interesting place close to Borough Market


- Last Delivery - again, really interesting spot near St Paul's


Those three caches are within a short distance of each other and right in the centre of London. They're also all larger than micros. Between there and Tower Bridge (to the east) are a bunch of other good caches - some of which are a bit bigger and some premium member caches such as Golden Hinde II (a micro to be fair), Tower Bridge TB Hotel, HMS Belfast and a letterbox that's on my list next time I go to London (Gibbon's Rent).


This all has the advantage of being right in the middle of the city, easy to get to, has loads of places to sit down and you'll see lots of interesting tourist sites as well - and it's close to a bit of London you seem to have gone to cache in before.


The absolutely best cache in London is a multi cache I'm afraid. It's at the British Library but takes a little more time.

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Many thanks all, those suggestions are very helpful. By the way, I may have given the impression that I'm a tourist – I'm not, I lived in London for many years and know it well.

Ah - I made an assumption :-) I still enjoy that area a lot, although I suppose I am more of a tourist to the city.


If you fancy something a bit further out then there's a lot of bigger caches in Epping Forest which is right up by the M25. I keep on meaning to get down there at some point. Accessible via the Central Line at places like Loughton.


I enjoyed a few hours at the far western end of the Metropolitan Line a couple of years ago around Chalfont - past the M25. Lots of new caches there and some nice puzzle ones.


Depending on when you lived there, perhaps the area around the Olympic Park in Stratford? If you've not been there before it's quite interesting.

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