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Mount Higgins

Iron Wolf

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Looks like a really cool hike. I enjoy getting out to hikes away from the city. Unfortunately my weekends are filled through August, so I won't be able to consider this one until Sept.


Keep in mind that most caches that are placed out in the "boonies" typically don't get a lot of hits. When they are found it could be upto a year or more after the hide date. As an example check out this cache. I made an attempt to find it on its 1 year anniversary, didn't have any luck though.


Just be patient, and remember, "If you hide it, they will come", it just might take awhile to get there.





Lost? I'm not lost. At least I don't think I'm lost, well............OK, maybe just a little.

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I would Like to congratulate Fab4 for being the first one to make it to the top of our Mount Higgins Cache. I would also like to give a very big high five for his perseverance and another high five for making it in 2 hours. Your an animal Fab4.


Finally I guess a little advertising on the forums doesn't hurt. Can anyone else beat Fab4's two hours?


Again congratulations Fab4

Iron Wolf

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