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Mt. Hood Geocaching Event

Pobre Rico

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I thought it might be fun to put together a family-friendly geocaching event up in the Mt. Hood neighborhood.


Anybody interested? I'm thinkin' of a Saturday/Sunday in August. Maybe a few activities for day trippers and some for overnighters.


If I get enough interest I promise to make it worth your time!


Let me know.

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Sounds like a great idea, tell us more! Doug and I are in the beginnings of planning a caching/camping trip to the Ochocos sometime in August, we just won't know which dates for a little while yet.


There are several Mt. Hood area caches we haven't gotten to yet. August would be a great time to do this--a bit cooler at that elevation, and a great camping opportunity!



Temporarily French Polynesia's most prolific geocachers!

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Our Ochocos camping/caching trip is set for August 14-17. If you pick a weekend other than that one, we'd likely come up for the day.


Also, consider the 'Trading Caches' cache event here in the PDX area on August 9th. If you had The Mt. Hood thing on that day, fewer PDX folks would make it out.


Temporarily French Polynesia's most prolific geocachers!

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Originally posted by Pobre Rico:

I'm still hoping to put something together up at the Hood, but I've been switched to night shift and working 6 days a week. Makes it hard to put this together.


I'll know for sure in the next week or two if I can pull it off.


Fingers crossed!

Keep us posted. Still possible interested, especially towards end of August. Even September works. Days might be a bit shorter, but no bugs or few anyway.

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Well, the boss man is doing everything he can to screw up my plans. Now it's back to working days, 6 days a week, 12 hours a day... icon_mad.gif


Sorry to say, it looks like this isn't going to happen this year. But, it's going to be a definite thing next year!


Here's the agenda for next year. At least 15 brand new caches within 10 miles of the event site. Some will be permanent, others just for the event. A team event or two. Stuff for the kids. And an all-around good time.


Any suggestions on a site? I've been kinda looking around up at the mountain for a nice campground that is in an area with good GPS reception and a layout that works good for a group event.


Any suggestions for location, events, or anything else let me know...


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