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Bug: miscounting favorities


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When you edit your "Write Note" log and change the type to "Found", total number of caches found increases, but this cache does not count against your Favorite Points. And with 3 caches edited this way (challenges I physically signed prior to meeting requirements) I ended up today with 676 caches found and 7 more caches needed to earn a Favorite Point.

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How long has it been since you edited your logs?


(Also, I ask this fully realizing that this doesn't address the website bug and therefore doesn't help your immediate situation, but is there a reason why you can't just go back and add a backdated "found it" log to go along with your note?)

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Initially I noticed this about a month ago. Waited, because I wanted to confirm my initial suspicions. Confirmed the reproduction scenario on the day of the forum posting. In both cases, I updated a "Write Note" log from October, changing type to "Found It" and the date to the current day (when I finally met the challenge requirements).


Agreed, there is a workaround; However, this appears to be an obvious bug in the code and I expect the fix to be trivial.


Sorry for the late response, I was away on vacations last week...

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'Only Premium Members earn Favorite Points. They get one point just for being a Premium Member, then further points by logging geocaching finds, at the rate of 1 Favorite Point per 10 finds.'


There have been differences between 1+floor(finds/10) and the actual number of favorte points for years for quite a number of users, even if they never logged a cache twice (to be correct: never left more than one 'found it' stand in case there were more than one by mistake or logging troubles on the website) and never logged an owned cache which might lead to an explanation of the difference.


I'm at 3458 found it, no cache has more that one (not deleted) 'found it' and no owned cache is logged as 'found it', that would be 1+345=346 favorite points and another 2 finds till the next favourite point. But I have 'Logs Until Next Favorite Point: 5 and Total Favorite Points: 345', a difference of 13 finds that 'don't count'. There have been times when the difference was even higher, 16 finds.


It might be correct if you never changed another log to 'found it', for example after first dropping trackables with 'write note' or 'write note' for challenges where you didn't meet the requirements at the time of your visit.


I would think the system only looks whether a new log is a 'found it' and if yes, whether it is the 'first found it on this cache' (whether a 'first found it' that was already deleted before is considered or not, no idea).


Maybe someone with plenty of favorite points who doesn't mind 'loosing' some of them wants to check whether (various theories I heard)


logging a 'write note' and changing it later to 'found it' doesn't give you 1/10 favorite point (quite sure)

logging a 'write note', then a 'found it' and later deleting the 'write note' makes you 'loose' 1/10 fav

logging a 'found it' and deleting it later keeps your 1/10 fav in analogy to souvenirs, you used to keep them also if you deleted the corresponding log and the map showed the smiley in certain scales also for deleted logs

logging two 'found it' and deleting the first later makes you 'loose' a 1/10 fav

logging two 'found it' and deleting the second later makes you 'loose' a 1/10 fav

and so on

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Most everyone i know writes a new log when they fininsh a challenge. That is more accurate recprd of what happenes.


I would think that most geocachers that reuse the 'write note' change the log-date, keeping the previous story and only add the proof of the fulfilled challenge criteria.


I don't own a challenge cache but I would prefer a write note for the visit with the date of visit AND a 'found it' log for 'completing' the challenge with the date of completing the challenge in case the geocacher 'can't wait' with a visit to the cache until the rquirements are met.

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For the other case, dropping trackables there are different opinions. Loggers don't want to wait with dropping TBs because there are others that grab everything within hours but don't want to/can write a longer log immediately and 'log follows' is seen controversial too.


So best solution to me seems to write a note for dropping trackables if you don't want a war of grab, re-grab and so on (and when you can't drop a trackable without a log to the cache page) and later delete that log and include the information in your later foundlog to keep trackable owners happy and let them see what happens to their trackables because on the other hand a lot of owners don't want their cache pages being cluttered by 'write notes' for trackables. That way seems to annoy the fewest possible group of cachers.

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