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How do I get a list or search result to show lat/long?


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How do I get a list or search result to additionally show the coordinates (latitude & longitude) of the icon?


Starting from the New Search




you may get this kind of list:




It's easy: use any kind of an additional geocache database app. (here: GSAK)



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Showing the coordinates in the search result is not possible. However, you could see the caches on a map by clicking the "Map These Geocaches" button at the top-right of the results list.


If the question is how to show a list of cache including the lat/long coordinates as a list using just the Geocaching web site, that's not a view that GS supports. As HHL suggests, it requires some sort of 3rd party app or custom code. GSAK will do it, as will other waypoint manager.


It could also be done using the GPSBabel command line utility, which can transform a list of waypoints in GPX or LOC waypoints into CSV, which could be imported into Excel for display.


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