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...duplicate a Pocket Query

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I have a pocket query along a route, 0.5Km either side of the road, all cache types. I want to make a second query with the same route, but 5Km either side and only EC's and virtuals. Is there any easy way to duplicate the first PQ, changing the name, so that I can simply change the bits which need changing?


I've tried editing it and changing the name, but that just saves it with the new name.





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Click the column make a copy. The new query will be added to list as copy of. You can then edit the query. I am not sure I ever tried this with a route query but I think it should work.

I've done upteen PQ's and never noticed the "Copy" column!! In fact, it took me quite a while to notice it when I was looking for it.


Thanks for that, it will make things a lot easier.



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I have a pocket query along a route, 0.5Km either side of the road, [...]


Caution: Groundspeak's route feature fails when using very narrow "routes".

Reason: Groundspeak simplifies the route into a limited collection of segments "as the crow flies". That way you'll might miss caches along the real road when the road is a very windy one.




Using GSAK's macro GetCachesOnRoute.gsk (click here) is way smarter - including the expected results. smile.gif




And it works with the Api limits: 6000 Full gpx / 10,000 light gpx data.


Frohes Jagen


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Thanks for the advice HHL, bit I don't use that macro for a number of reasons


1. It is very API intensive and I have 17 active route PQ's set up for my upcoming holiday. I'd chew up my API allowance in no time flat.


2. All my PQ's run weekly and that's simple with a PQ. I know I could probably set GSAK to run a macro automagically once a week, but...


3. I don't care if I miss the occasional cache along the route. I'm spending plenty of time using DeleteIgnoreIgnore anyway. I'm not planning on stopping for more than a few - getting from A to B is the priority.


Thanks again for the suggestion, though



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