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Contributing to OpenStreetMaps

Bon Echo

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So my thread Contributing to wikipedia managed a whole of two replies (a big thanks though to BK-Hunters and fi67 for those replies). Looks like there not much interest from members here.


How about the OpenStreetMaps project, anyone contribute to that one? Seems like a fitting question since that's the maps we get to use on this site. Actually, I use OSM maps on my Garmin GPS and phone and I'm pretty happy with them. Today I finally created an account and made a few minor edits. Pretty easy stuff, at least things like editing locations - i.e. putting names to buildings. You could spend every minute of every day doing that, just like adding waymarks - there's an endless number of locations still to be waymarked and we choose what we add based on our interests and what time we have available.


So the question, does anyone here contribute to the OSM projects? I'm just curious. Waymarkers seem like a group that would also be interested in such a project. Maybe not mapping out new subdivisions, but adding interesting location points.

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It's quite easy to edit - putting names to business, changing roads or paths if they are not exactly as shown. When you first create an account and sign in there's a brief tutorial. Most of us will figure out how it works in maybe 10 minutes.

You can also use your handheld GPS to record tracks, and then upload those to use for drawing (or correcting) features such as road, creeks, trails etc. I just added all the trails from a local greenspace using that method.


With than said, and this is important for category managers - OSM is an open source community project. All the maps have a level of "completeness and correctness" - maybe nearly 100% complete and correct, maybe much worse. So if you are reviewing a waymark submission and check the placement on the OSM map, and it doesn't look quite right - consider than the map might be the issue.

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I hardly ever contribute to OSM, but I use it a lot. I have occasionally corrected a street name or added a missing trail. I use it a lot, because in my area the quality of OSM is much, much better than Google Maps that almost completely ignores all lower lever roads (means: not really suitable for motorized traffic). But this also means that there is not really much to correct or add.


I know that in other regions OSM has more to catch up.

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I've never even considered it. Now, I've known forever that OSM is an open source project, but never thought of being a contributor/editor, primarily because we use Google and now that other one, can't think of the name. GOT IT!

Acme Mapper. It has some really handy features, including better overhead satellite shots in certain areas than are available on Google and good US topo maps. We do use OSM on our Garmin because we bought it in the US and, naturally, it had no Canada maps.


I'm glad you brought this to my attention, though, because I have seen the odd thing on OSM that could use an update or a correction. Overall, though, when I post a WM I glance at the map to be sure that the coords aren't out in the ocean or in the middle of a blank green space, then send it off. (This still happens on occasion, though.)


Soooooo... I guess I'll register and see how time consuming it might be to make a given edit. It would be nice to have it handy so that each time I find an error or something missing that I feel should really be included I can make the change in a couple of minutes then get back to the regularly scheduled pogrom. WE'll give it a shot.

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