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API access for Lab Caches

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Perhaps a compromise could be to provide just "Quantity" and "Find Date" of a User's Lab Caches, without releasing other data about each Lab Cache find.


In some ways, that data is sort of publicly available already. A user's Quantity of Lab Caches is included in their existing GC.com totals and their Found Date calendar. It is possible to determine a user's "Find Date" for Lab Caches through a laborious process of comparing their 'Finds for Each Day of the Year' calendar to their Geocaches Found history.


Since those 2 pieces of data are already public, then providing just those 2 data points to PGC could be helpful.

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Hi igator210 -- unfortunately, since not all Lab Caches are publicly available at this time we are not willing to show all of the data. We are in discussions about this topic and we are not sure if/when we would roll this out. Thanks, Katie


Thanks for the reply. Hopefully something can be worked out.

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