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Best wearable gps for caching?

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None, really. It's hard enough to see maps on the handhelds with their larger screens. Any smaller would be a real bust, but stand-alone mapping isn't supported on even the best of these units anyway. Requires use of a cell phone and the BaseCamp app if Garmin.

Most of the watches do not offer a true 'paperless' caching experience.


The closest you'll get to a good experience is probably the Garmin Fenix, but before you buy, compare features with a proper handheld.


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Understanding that, look at the few Fenix reviews out there that deal with using one for geocaching purposes. The pros and cons are pretty clearly dealt with in those articles. Then decide if it will work for your style of caching. Having found 124 of them so far, you should have enough of a feel for how you approach things to decide whether this is going to work for you as a 'secondary' unit.

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I actually enjoy using my fenix for geocaching, especially while running. It's light, battery lasts a long time, and it has full paperless geocaching capability (except for user notes). I believe the fenix 2 has the same capabilities, but I'm pretty sure the fenix 3 deleted this feature. You can even add primitive maps to the fenix if you want to, but reading them is a real eye test. Yes, you can use the phone apps for spur of the moment caching, but I like the ability to wear a full-featured GPS right on my wrist!

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I have a Fenix 3, though I didn't buy it for Geocaching. It is designed to be a sports watch / activity tracker (not a smartwatch despite having some smartwatch functionality), hence it converts GPX files to FIT files, which do not support Geocaching. You can of course navigate to a waypoint. It even supports turn-by-turn navigation, which is cool. I bought it mostly for navigating hikes so I didn't have to keep on taking out my phone or GPSr. For this is works well. I will probably also use it for navigating to Geocaches, but will need to take my smartphone as well.

I would recommend this device strongly if you are into hiking/running/cycling etc and activity tracking, but not for Geocaching only.

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