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Fave NJ/PA puzzle caches?

Team Og Rof A Klaw

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Originally posted by Team Og Rof A Klaw:

Just wondering... what's your favorite puzzle cache in these parts? (As in solving it involves solving a puzzle, not necessarily that it contains puzzles.)


Ah Og, thanks for the indirect shamless plug.


I'm rather fond of our latest offering.

Tune this one in!


It took us about three weeks to work this one out and a couple trips into the woods and marshes of NJ.


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Determine the exact location of these towers. There is a very easy and accurate method, and there are some more difficult and tedious methods. There is no need to trespass or venture on to private property.
Good thing, too. There was a big radiation test facility on that property. Rumor was that it was toasty warm in the dead of winter... without a heating system. icon_redface.gif


GCH43K sounds interesting. I'll check it out.



- Team Og Rof A Klaw

All who wander are not lost.

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<blushing>Thanks, R.</blushing> It was a lot of fun to create that cache, and I'm glad that everyone seems to enjoy it. The instant feedback is great, too! icon_smile.gif


I have to recommend Rich's Archbald Pothole and Valley View as outstanding additions to any list of Pennsylvania caches. They're built around fun and innovative puzzles, and as usual they lead us to interesting new places.



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