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I am a little curious regarding the number of logs that some GC'ers show in their statistics. I recently noticed that one particular GC'er had logged 1025 finds on one day. The maths intrigues me. Allowing for a truly extended day, say 4 am to 10 pm, that would be 18 hours. There are 64,800 seconds in 18 hours which means that this person found a cache every 63 SECONDS, for 18 hours straight. I don't think I could even write the entry in the log book in 63 seconds.


Obviously, these finds are on "Power Trails" and I wonder if perhaps people are teaming up and "sharing" their finds, i.e. three or more people search, one to each section of a trail, and sign the log for the other members of the team. Is this really fair? Is it an objective for some people to simply amass as high a score as possible? That seems a little sad.


To me, the beauty of this pastime is not seeing how many caches I can find, haw many TB's I can move, or how many FTF's I can get, but the challenge of navigating to a place I may not have been before, the chance to visit locations I may not necessarily had planned to visit and the opportunity to match wits with the CO.


I recently did part of the Wandoo trail, and to tell the truth, the constant starting and stopping to find caches that were, in the main, not particularly difficult, and only a few hundred metres apart, didn't do all that much for me. Perhaps having a designated driver would be a considerable advantage with this sort of thing, but doing it alone was a pain in the bum.


Yesterday I travelled 350 kms to collect 20 finds, including two "multi-mystery" caches, one in Wyalkatchem and one in Dowerin (I can recommend both) and thoroughly enjoyed myself, a thousand times better than doing the Wandoo.


What do other think?



Mike (Greyroamer)

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I think you can't get a high score in geocaching. You can get a high amount of finds, but that doesn't equal a score, since there are other things to the game such a s hiding caches.


Some people do take joy in finding lots of caches, or finding every cache on a certain area. That may mean powertrails, taking hours to solve all the puzzles or a 3 day trip to hike in and find one cache, and hike out. They are more than welcome to do that.


Some (like myself) like to cache whenever the urge strikes. Might be 20 in a day, might be 1 in 20 weeks. That's OK too. The thing is that there are different ways to play this game. You like solving puzzles, or getting lots of caches, or moving trackables, or whatever, you can do that. There's powertrails made for people who ate in it for the numbers, so there's bound to be people who find them.


Also it just shows that many finds in one day. It could very well be done somehow. But it could also be logged like that to show most caches in a day. Or maybe the person doesn't care about their daily stats and didn't bother to change the date when the caches got logged.


As for your math, 2 of us did 100 caches in 2 hours. That included double checking co-ords and containers. (it was the beta test for the trail) A trail made to be run fast could be 200 in a hour. For example reflective caches on fence posts. No gps needed. So 1000 in 10 hours in not hard if you're in the right area.

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Maybe you want to read the logs for this power trail to get an idea about "high-score":



Yesterday I travelled 350 kms to collect 20 finds

What I think? What a wast of time and gas, in today's world, you should be more concerned about environmental issues.


Regards, MB

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