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Cache in every park ?


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Originally posted by J&MBella:


There are actually some pretty humerous logs on this page. Particlarly by Bayonets4u. Now a newby like myself looks at this and says, hey, if it's good enough for StayFloppy & B4u, then it's good enought for me. I haven't hit it yet, but I plan to. Just waiting for my HAZMAT siut from ebay.



yeah that one.... some places just do not need a cache. Bring a dumpster.


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I like the idea of placing caches in small out of the way little used forgotten parks just so other people, cachers, will get to see them.

Unfortunately, some of the "parks" that generated this thread are really trash-strewn lots. A few trees doesn't make a park. There's no point in puttimg a cache somewhere if it's not a place that no one would visit otherwise (unless looking for a dark spot to smoke a little crack.)

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