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Okinawa, Japan


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We are coming to the island November 6th, 2015. We have a Garmin GPSmap 62st and a Magellan explorist GC. I can't figure out how to get the maps of the island on to them so that we can use them. Suggestions? What do you use? Will ours work? Should we just by a device when we get there? HELP! I can't do without geocaching for 3 years!!!

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We used an Openstreet map for our vacation to Japan, using a GPSmap 62st. Just go to http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ , select the tile for Okinawa, enter your e-mail address and then wait until you receive an email.

When you have received the link to the map, download the single file named gmapsupp.img. Connect your gps to the computer and put the file in the GARMIN directory (doesn't matter whether you store on the device itself or on the external memory card).

New map will automatically load when you start up your gps, which will take longer than usual.

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Even though this is an old thread, I figured I'd let you know my experiences geocaching in Japan earlier this month, in case others traveling to Japan in the future might have questions.


I geocached in Japan using my Explorist GC as well as my iPhone 5s. After the first couple of days using the Explorist GC, I switched to using my iPhone since that was one less thing I'd have to carry around.


Before going to Japan, I researched sim cards for my iPhone and found that getting a data-only Sim card was the way to go. IIRC, either the voice cards were very expensive or they don't offer voice cards to visitors. I ended up getting this one:




It was good for 14 days and I had them (I ordered 3, since there were 3 of us with iPhones) delivered to the first hotel we stayed at in Japan. When I checked in, the front desk employee told me I had a delivery and gave me the packages with the cards.


I switched the Sim card and followed the instructions on the website to set up an APN profile. I set up the APN profile while I was still at home but found out that by doing so, cellular data wouldn't work. So I deleted the APN profile and when I got to Japan, set it up again.


I had no problems with the card at all during the 12 days we were in Japan. I used it for everything from geocaching, munzee, mapping, etc. I received a signal almost everywhere, even in the subways, etc.


We found multiple geocaches in Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Tokyo, etc. using our iPhones and had no problem doing so.

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