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Apps that let you log caches privately?

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so whether I show it online or not shouldnt really matter


If you say it doesn't matter, what's the problem to just use a regular app to log it with "TFTC" and nothing but? You are the one who is making an effort to avoid logging in the regular way - and if so, if you really don't want an online log, why searching for an app to log secretly?

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Trying to find the best app for logging caches privately- as in not on-site. The best one I found so far is called GeoView Cache, it doesn't log the find anywhere but within the app and I can email myself a PDF of all the logged caches. I really like functionality like this, I'm wondering if anyone else uses something similar?


If that works for you, why not stick with it?


Sounds like it's doing what you want.


Other people who don't want to keep this to themselves use other apps or the Groundspeak site to post their logs.


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It is just sad when you are playing some other game with our caches.


But you do realise that the main reason why GC.com encourage people to log online has very little to do with your satisfaction as a CO and has EVERYTHING to do with bringing traffic to the site so they get more hits on their inline ads.

So what you reckon it meant before there were ads?

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And the less email I get the happier I am. I would like to be alerted to problems with the cache though. But regular maintenance takes care of that as well.

I could not be happier for you. I'm very glad that you don't care about getting feedback from the online logs.


It does seem strange that someone would place a cache and not want feedback or know when someone finds it. I wouldn't place any caches if not logging online became common practice. I don't care to see TFTC logs but at least they let me know that my cache is in place and findable.

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You visit someone's cache, but you don't want him to know? It does not look like geocaching to me. Take a peek at the logo. Place... go find... tell the others.


Sure doesn't seem like caching to me, either. I really don't know why one would even want to do this.


Why is not logging it online such a big deal?


Oh, I don't know...some cache hiders actually like getting feedback on their caches?


Yeah I get that the person who placed the cache wants people to find it and know when people find it, but I just don't care for it. I found it, I logged it, and I had fun, so whether I show it online or not shouldnt really matter


Then stop doing what you're doing. Intentionally not giving a hider feedback goes against the very core of caching itself. Seek cache, find cache, sign cache log, log find online...it's that simple. Stop being so selfish.

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The OP asked for information about apps that allow them to log caches privately. Most of this thread has ended up being comments on why that shouldn't be done, and a fair amount of comments have been derogatory towards the OP.


Let's keep to the main topic of apps, and not why it shouldn't be done. If you would like to discuss the pros and cons of logging online vs. not logging online, please do it in another thread.

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