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  1. Is this the cache that you are looking for? Out & About 2
  2. There is a similar discussion occurring in the most current Release Notes thread. You are welcome to to read through that thread, and if you would like to add any helpful insights on the subject, you can do so there. Meanwhile, I'm closing this duplicate thread.
  3. I'm moving this to Geocaching Topics.
  4. Thanks for the notes. I'm moving this to the Midwest forum.
  5. This is an interesting point, and one that I've run into in the past. In my opinion, if a cache looks like it's on private property and permission has been granted, it would make a lot of potential seekers feel better if they saw a statement in the cache listing saying so. @Keystone, I know you and your fellow canine companions can't require adding such a statement, but do you ever recommend it to COs? If so, how often do COs tend to agree with you and do so? I can't speak for any other reviewers, but I always requested that a CO add wordage in their cache description about permission info when the area was obviously private. I never said that it was required, I just told them that it would make future cache seekers more comfortable if they knew for sure there was permission. I know that it makes me feel better as a cacher. The CO's always added the information on the cache page, with no issues, after that.
  6. This is a great topic about geocaching, so I'm moving it to Geocaching Topics.
  7. Groundspeak just announced the winners: And the GIFF 2018 Award winners are… ?
  8. Groundspeak just uploaded the GIFF 2018 Film Reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSP8P1FRQMU
  9. I'm going to move this to the GPS forum, hopefully some help can be found there.
  10. Moving this thread to Geocaching Topics.
  11. Moving this thread to the How Do I...? forum.
  12. Moving this thread to the How Do I...? forum.
  13. We don't mind if a brief mention of c:geo is made in passing, but this is really not the place to discuss it. If you would like to discuss it more, you can take it to personal conversations. Thank you.
  14. The OP needed to be more to the point. Giving the reviewer details about friends, family, and schooling doesn't really help anything. The reviewer is asking for a maintenance plan so the OP needs to give him or her one. Doesn't have to be elaborate, just that a cache problem can be dealt with in a timely manner. Visiting "several times" a year is too broad,, this number needs to be more specific. I can't tell if you're agreeing with my post, or disagreeing with it.
  15. Hi! I know that visiting an area several times a year feels like a lot, but if a cache needs maintenance, it's not fair to the community to wait several months until you can get back to take care of it. I think that you will find that if you give your reviewer a specific maintenance plan and a local geocacher's information, you should be just fine. Here's the info from the Groundspeak's help center about maintenance:
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