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Scenic View Attribute with an actual scenic view

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I hope I'm not duplicating topics here. But I've seen some caches with the Scenic View attribute almost seems like a lie. An example I can think of was one where the cache was behind a supermarket near the dumpster. The only "scenery" was the loading dock and the retaining wall.


I'm looking for caches and photos where the cache has the SV attribute, and your photo(s) prove it.


My first example is Barn Bluff Rock outside Red Wing, Minnesota, USA:




An earthcahce example would be Lake Mille Lacs near Isle, Minnesota, USA:




I'll round it out with a Puzzle Cache called Pork Pond




Your turn.



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So far I have found about 2600 caches with a scenic attribute and placed several more. I don't pay much attention to attributes but I have been taken to some amazing scenic spots through this game. I Wouldn't Sit On These Benches was a fairly recent one with the SV attribute:




But arguably one of the most scenic views I have had as part of this game, the One Giant Step virtual, had no attributes. So it's hard to call it by attributes alone.



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Studying the topo maps one night, I discovered this:



(Sorry, harsh lighting in this shot, but I love the vertigo. Hang onto something.)


A deep gorge (~400m), virtually unknown except to hard-core river runners (who lower boats on rappel) and fishermen who arrive by helicopter. I put a cache there, just an ordinary box but in a scenic spot. The Brink. It's been popular.


PS, this is one of my favorite pictures ever taken from a cache site. Can you imagine how good the fishing must be if you're putting up the big bucks to fly in? Photo by Joci:



Just checked. Yep, Northover Ridge has the Scenic View attribute too. The cache is right on the dotted line between BC (left) and Alberta (right). Photo taken about 20 minutes before FTF.


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I was going to post some more, but I realized two of the images I posted above disappeared; it just says "Posted Image" as placeholders. By "view source" I see It still has links to gc.com images, which display properly (redirecting to cloudfront) when I try loading them directly. But in the forum page, no.


I don't feel like debugging this right now.

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