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Garmin 62S - Which Screen Do You Use

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When geocaching with my 62S, I never use anything other than the Map page to navigate, with Location and Distance To Destination showing in small windows. When I look at log photos showing other cachers' 62S screens, they often show the compass or other pages, so I'm wondering what most people use and why. What page do you use, and what advantage does it give you over other pages?

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I find the compass page works to get me close to the cache. If I'm having trouble with getting a good lock on location, I find changing to the map page will help. For some reason the map page seems to be less likely to jump around, and a little easier for me at GZ. But, usually the compass page is close enough.


I think this is a matter of personal taste. I've tried both over the years, and have settled into what works best for me.

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This question could apply to the 64s and 64st, as they use the same screen setup, AFAIK. On my 64s I use the map page with the compass on top and sometimes switch to the compass page when I get close. I also keep the satellite page in the line-up to keep tabs on my accuracy.

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I generally use the Map for navigating by road, with 2 small windows displaying speed and power (battery level or power cord). Once on final approach, I'll switch navigating style to Direct, and then switch over to the compass page, which also has 2 small windows for speed and distance remaining. That usually gives me an idea of the general location of the cache, then I go find the next local spot to park and make the final find using the compass page.

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