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Pocket Quert Question


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Previewing and running are unrelated. Actually, previewing is a way to see the caches in the results without actually running the PQ.


There are three steps to using PQ data:


1. Create the PQ

It sounds like you've done this. You have specified the search criteria for the PQ.


2. Run the PQ

Choose a day of the week for the PQ to run. This creates a cached copy of the PQ data that is then available for download.


3. Download the PQ

Copy the cached copy of the PQ data to your computer/device. You can't download the PQ data until you actually run the PQ.


For more info:



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I have the same problem. I run the pocket query.

I receive an email with a link to download the query. But when I go to the download page I don't have any pocket queries ready to download.

The Last Generated(PST) date is today. I tried 2 different pocket queries with the same results.

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