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Language for waymarks?

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All of the waymarks I've seen are in English.


Is it a general rule for Waymarks?


I'd like to create a very localized category - namely for nature monuments in Poland (which are distinct from extraordinary trees because the criteria is that the tree is written down in official government registry of nature monuments).


Could the primary language of such category be Polish? The English description would be recommended, but optional.

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I can tell you right now that it will never pass Peer Review. It's much too narrow in scope, both in content and geographical area.


And what about the nature monuments category without geographical location? But with the condition, the tree must be officially acknowledged as nature monument? I'd like it to be the geo-database for nature monuments, and only nature monuments should be allowed...


Would you be interesting to help me with that topic?

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There are no general language rules, but some categories have a language note, they usually require at least a basic summary in English. Some encourage the use of the local language, too, but I am not aware of any that require it.


Also in local categories there are waymarks posted by tourists, so it is not the greatest idea to require a local language.


As an officer, I will also approve non-English submissions, as long as the category description allows it, but I will postpone them until I have finished the ones I can read without assistance, of course.

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Several categories now require that the listing be in English (other languages are fine, but English is required). Initially, I didn't really care because it did not seem to make much difference. As I have become an officer in many categories, it is very frustrating to receive a Waymark with no English translation because I have no clue how to review it. What does the quick/long description state? Am I missing some really cool Waymark (one of the main reasons I enjoy being an officers in many categories - a free guided trip around the world!!) explanation or is it a really poor Waymark or is it missing criteria required by the category. As time goes by, I am more strongly leaning towards there needs to be an English version of the Quick and Long description.


Just some input from personal experience. Outspoken1

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