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Non registered cache

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Hi all


Whilst out with the family the other day my son found a cache which I have since searched for and cannot it find on either geocaching.com or opencaching.com. Unfortunately I have only the name which was on top of a piece of paper - Biggles Dartmoor Cache. Silly me forgot to log the coordinates of it. Is there anyway of tracking down the owner if it hasn't been registered and how do I list it on my found caches.


Many thanks



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UK-wise there is also opencaching.org.uk/ or Terracaching...


Could be you've found a final of a multi or unknown/puzzle cache...


Did it have an owner name, other than the cache name?


Biggles Dartmoor cache

i it could be from a series named after cartoon characters, rather than the cache owner.


edit to add.

Just a thought. IF it's on Dartmoor, it may not have been Published. I think there are a few more restrictions in the area, and if EXPLICIT permission hasn't been granted, caches are not allowed.


The old Letterboxs seem to hang on in there though!

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daddycool - I have records of all Dartmoor geocaches that have been active on Groundspeak going back three years or so, and none have biggles in the title. It could be an opencache (opencaching.org or .org.uk - entirely different ones) or, as bear and ragged mention, one that was placed but was never published for whatever reason. Either way, unlikely you'll get a smiley for it.


There are a few areas that you can't place on open moorland - Willsworthy, Spitchwick and a couple of tors, but the vast majority of places on the moor can be achieved under the Dartmoor National Park guidelines.

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