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  1. Did you ever manage to sort this as this has been reported to me today with my cartridge which was created in whereigokit as well
  2. Hi ya I use the kit for my cartridge and have just uploaded an updated version of the cartridge due to an error on the original. Will the update go out to everyone who has already downloaded the carttridge or do I have to inform them of the update
  3. Hi all Whilst out with the family the other day my son found a cache which I have since searched for and cannot it find on either geocaching.com or opencaching.com. Unfortunately I have only the name which was on top of a piece of paper - Biggles Dartmoor Cache. Silly me forgot to log the coordinates of it. Is there anyway of tracking down the owner if it hasn't been registered and how do I list it on my found caches. Many thanks Colin
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