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More lab-caches needed


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Just attended FAD2014, Fumble After Dark The 12th edition of this traditional Swedish event. Until now I have avoided this event, as I saw no purpose running in the dark searching for caches that I could not log on gc.com. This year my curiosity took over and we joined with some friends to attend this event. I was struck with surprise over the ingenuity that the different contributors have laid out, and even if some of the caches were promised to be loggable later as "normal" caches, it was obvious that some other could not last more than one day. Take the poor CO that were sitting in the dark with knitted caps, each holding a part of the coordinate in the back of the cap :) For some of these ideas the caches were turned into lab-caches (many with requirement for lights/sounds etc), which indeed were a good idea, but the question now remains: Why could the CO of the event not have been assigned a suitable amount of lab-caches, so that every cache at this event could have been logged at gc.com afterwards ?


Peter Lindemann

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Hi pli, thanks for the feedback from the FAD 2014 mega. At the moment we are granting event hosts with 10 geocache locations as that seems to be the best user experience for Lab Caches at Mega Events. We'll continue to make adjustments and modifications to the tool while we improve the product over time. Thanks again for the feedback!

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