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Lab Caches From The Giga

John NW

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According to the Geocaching Labs page, it looks like the time period for logging that Lab Cache series has expired. A typical timeframe for a large event would be one week, and we're now approaching two weeks since the Giga Event. I remember seeing the series on the list two weekends ago when I was logging my finds on the Block Party and Going APE Lab Caches.

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The time given for the lab caches was already quite extremelly long, it was a week after GIGA.

Normally (well, on the Megas I've seen) it was a few days... Of course, it is expired many many days before.


Please note that Labs are pure (poor) virtuals where the only logging condition is knowing correct code. Short time to log is the only way to protect them from logging by anyone anywhere (and one week is already a relatively poor protection).


Anyway, best way is to log lab caches directly when doing them, it's also the only way to prevent disappointments, since many of them are quite tricky and it's not clear, for example, what to count or how...

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