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Working with Garmin Receivers - A User Manual


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Working with Garmin Receivers - An Online User Manual


Don't just take my word for it, click the link and judge for yourself! It's completely FREE




The cover might show older models but the global user principles haven't changed. If you need to find out how to use specific new features like paperless geocaching and touch screens then get the user manual for your actual model!


It shows you how to drive the GPS, not the extra features!










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Moderator here, taking an interrupting from today's episode of Groundhog Day.


Odourless, there's a book for 12 year old GPSes. Got it. Please quit re-posting and then having the mods close the thread when it doesn't go your way.


Other posters, please remember that whole "treating other posters with respect" thing.


Closing duplicate thread that provides no new info and is generating no constructive conversation - nor is it likely to, based on previous times this was covered.

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