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  1. Oh Susy & Pops, I wish you would ignore me but you DON'T... -------------------------------------- I'm a pilot that uses my Garmin to fly a plane, like up in the sky! So sorry Susy, I haven't found a geocache there yet... LOL! I own Etrex, Oregon and Nuvi for recreational use as well as other professional avionics Garmins. My experience has shown that the clunky Etrex is everything the Oregon is not! Etrex is slow, clunky and limited. Oregon is fast, smooth and rather expandable although pricey. So when I bought an Etrex previously I found it very frustrating and it now lives exclusively in the boat. Bought an Oregon... WOW: Chalk & Cheese! Couldn't be happier as the Oregon's ease of use rivals my iPhone. ~
  2. Get a Garmin Oregon 650t I would not go for the Etrex as the chipset is very old (slow) by today's standard!
  3. Found my answer to this button press issue here... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=295408 http://www.gizzmovest.com/GizzMoVest_ETREX_10.cfm
  4. Yep, they got the reasons NOT to buy it...
  5. Garmin Topo AU&NZ v5 Lite on Etrex 20 https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/prod504827.html Half the size of v4 and no road routing so makes for quicker map redraws. gmapsupp.img, length 1464500224 Header: 15.08.2014 09:10:55, DSKIMG, XOR 00, V 5.00, Ms 0, 006-D5380-00 Mapset: TOPO Australia & New Zealand v5 Lite fat: 1000h - 1200h - 78000h, block 32768 maps: 468, sub-files 934 Sub-file fat length 00003551 MDR 1200h 4826791 00003551 SRT 1400h 981 I0000DDF TYP 1600h 5241 date 14.08.2014 08:59:21, CP 1252, PID 1, FID 3551 I11BD9DA GMP 1800h 3266748 GMP: TRE RGN LBL DEM map 11bd9da (18602458) PID 1, FID 3551, region 0,0 date 14.08.2014 16:16:00 priority 20, parameters 1 4 9 33, locked Can't see all that much difference between v4 and v5 except for file size... Has anyone got a take on this Lite version and will there be a Pro version later with routing?
  6. ...tend to agree! But I wish that Garmin would dampen off the sever movements of the compass needle!
  7. I didn't get the Etrex 30 for that very reason. However with hindsight I regret having bought the Etrex in the first place! There are better units out there at cheaper prices.
  8. HERE 3d maps on Etrex 20? Do they work in Etrex automotive or any other mode or is it a waste of time using them?
  9. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=324839 Ultimately if you want really good maps with directions then in most cases you will have to purchase a commercially made map. They are expensive but they work well and should last the life of the unit. I have Garmin's Topo, Bluechart and City Navigator on my Etrex 20 and Nuvi. They cost a bit but worth it if you have to rely on area specific data. I also have OSM and Tracks4... as well but I usually rely on the 'HERE' maps if I need accuracy. Free is OK but 'paid for' is reliably better...
  10. Look mate the Etrex only reads map *.img files, for the Etrex to read a map *.img from the SD card you have to create a MAP folder and put it in that. It's very simple and safe... ...then it works.
  11. Easy way is to get a portable version of Firefox and use that just for the Garmin.
  12. Working with Garmin Receivers - An Online User Manual Don't just take my word for it, click the link and judge for yourself! It's completely FREE http://www.gpsinformation.org/dale/wgarmin.htm The cover might show older models but the global user principles haven't changed. If you need to find out how to use specific new features like paperless geocaching and touch screens then get the user manual for your actual model! It shows you how to drive the GPS, not the extra features! Enjoy... http://www.gpsinformation.org/dale/wgarmin.htm
  13. Yep and you thought that it wouldn't cost you any more money, WRONG!
  14. Which one is waterproof and more like to last longer than one day beyond it's warranty?
  15. Man how easy is this! Just rename it to whatever *******.img and copy it to the 'MAP' folder on the SD card!!!
  16. Why would I bother? Here's a bigger photo from another plane... ~
  17. [ attack removed ] Stick with what you have as the Venture is a great and reliable unit. New is not always better when it comes to low end consumer units especially from Garmin. The buggy Etrex 20/30 series is newer but the older Venture will still out perform it hands down. The only advantage on the newer models is memory but they are slow and buggy where yours is not. Don't waste your money on anything newer as the Venture is better... Remember new is not always better with Garmin.
  18. Actually I bought a Etrex 20 especially because the 30 does not work inside the metal monocoque fuselage of an aircraft. The Etrex 20 still works quite well for air navigation but only as a backup... My portable navigation GPS is the Garmin 695 but for bushwalking it's too large but for the plane it's designed for it! Not many geocaches up where I work and play but if I find one in the sky you will be the first to tell...
  19. In your opinion. However, based on reading a lot of other posts in this forum, it seems that your opinion is in the minority. I own an Etrex 20 and they're not that great compared to older Garmin units I own. The 30 has a history of being unworkable and the reason why I avoided it (thank god). Yes it's my opinion but at least it's based on experience! Is your's?
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