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Cannot update chipset software on Garmin


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After a two-year hiatus, I've decided to get back into geocaching. Due to my unfortunate inattentiveness, I had to send my lead unit, an eTrex Vista HCx, in for repairs--battery corrosion is a VERY BAD THING. At the same time I also got the USB port repaired, which hadn't worked for several years.


So, naturally when I got it back the first thing I did was update the software via Garmin WebUpdater. I didn't have any problem with the firmware. But then I tried to make the other update, "GPS Chipset Type 2 (Region File)", listed as "SW Version" on the unit's Software menu. (Currently I'm running 2.10 and it's trying to update to 2.90.)


Unfortunately, WebUpdater keeps resetting the unit mid-update, shortly after reporting that it's finished erasing the older version (despite the fact it doesn't actually erase it). This causes a "the Garmin device is not responding" error, always at exactly 13% completion. Online research reveals others have had the exact same issue, right down to getting stuck at 13%, with this unit. Garmin Support, unfortunately, has no suggestions.


Has anyone else had a problem like this? Any way around it? Is there any way to download and install the update without going through WebUpdater?

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Your linked site does say to "Use Garmin Express to keep your device software up to date". You mentioned WebUpdater, have you tried Garmin Express?


Yep, I've tried it...unfortunately the Vista HCx isn't compatible with Garmin Express, so I have to use WebUpdater instead.

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Thanks for the resource! I found the file I need on that website, but it's an .rgn file and I don't know what to do with it. Are there instructions or tips posted anywhere that I can read through, to figure out how to load the file to my GPS unit?

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