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New Personal Coin from TeamECCS21

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A new coin personal coin coming from TeamEccs21




These will be available in 4 versions

Antique Bronze with Red ring and accents 90 PCS

Antique Bronze with green ring and accents 90 PCS

Antique Silver with blue ring and accents 45 PCS

Plain Metal Antique Bronze 25 PCS




The red and green will be the RE

The blue will be an LE

And the plain metal will be a face to face trade only version


Now for the details:

The front of the coin represents my 20+ years as a Scout Leader

It has the Scout Emblem and the campfire and flaming marshmallows represent my outdoor cooking skills :rolleyes:

Our names and team name show we are not in this alone.


The other side is about Marie's Irish heritage as shown by the Celtic Knot work in the center and Good Luck with the Hunt in Gaelic around the edge


The 2 GPS units show our togetherness and our anniversary and the date we found our first cache is shown on the screens.


Thanks to Chris Mackey for the design help well worth the expense :)


These will be trackable with an Icon. They will also come with a proxy coin


We don't have final pricing back from the mint yet.


That's about all I can tell you all for now. Thanks for looking

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Actual Coins are finally in hand



Antique Brass with Green Ring-RE 90 minted



Antique Brass with Red Ring-RE 90 minted



Antique Silver with Blue Ring-LE 45 minted



Antique Brass no Color AE Face to Face trades only 25 minted


Our first personal was a trade only and none have ever been sold by us. However to try and recoup some of the costs this batch will be sale or trade.

These are trackable with an Icon and come with a matching trackable proxy coin so you can keep the coin in your collection and send the proxy out to travel if you wish.


Tracking numbers are on the outer edge


Sorry for the poor picture quality


RE coins are $12.00 each

LE coin is $15.00


All coins...shipping $3.00 for the first coin and $1.50 for each additional this includes insurance for USA orders.


We will ship international and will bill actual costs.


Anyone interested in a sale or trade should contact us through our GC profile


We will have these at Midwest Geo Bash for face to face trades


Thanks for looking

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