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CITO hybrids?

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Hi everyone,


I'm not sure if this topic has come up before, but I wanted to bounce it off the community.


Does Groundspeak allow CITO events that allow people to come at their leisure to perform CITO? I was thinking of placing a logbook and trashbags into a cache container in a small park and allowing cachers that may not have time to attend a CITO event to clean up a small park during earth week. The cache would only be active during earth week so I would assume it would be an event(?) but since it would be a traditional in terms of logging, would it then be a traditional(?) And most importantly...is this allowed? encouraged? I was thinking as part of the logging requirements a cacher would be required to post a pic of the CITO they performed.


The reason I was thinking of this was that there seems to be alot of nice little playgrounds/parks that might not necessarily support a full CITO event, but certainly could use a bit of TLC.


I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on the topic; especially mods



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Hi NJSquirrel - you might try simply placing a cache with a log. Add some trash bags in it, and suggest/request that folks pick up some trash while they're in the area. This would be a traditional cache. People find it when they want to, and may or may not do any clean up.


An event is by definition a "gathering". An event has a location, and a start and end time when people gather.

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Years ago, folks would leave film cans with rolled auto or grocery bags in caches (a good use for a film can).

We don't see that much anymore.

I always thought CITO (not the event) was practiced by all while caching. We still do...

We often attend events where folks break up afterwards and cache.

- Odd that when we get to an area, ten people before us never picked up a bottle ten feet from GZ.

I don't believe something we should be doing anyway, could be listed as a week-long event.

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Here is an example of a traditional cache that encourages CITO, Beer Can CITO. The CO is convinced the Bud-light makes up the majority of all trash in this area and is conducting an informal study. I think it's good fun, and the road where the cache is placed is a lot cleaner these days.

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I think the definition of CITO is pretty limited....I had offered up an CITO idea to help out a historical building where there is a cache, and we help mow the law and pick up trash that people have dumped on the property. I was told this was not a cito and it is only limited to parks, streets, trails, and pulling invasive species.


I did have a CITO published working with a community agency, but was told by the reviewer that these are no longer allowed in the future because as the reviewer said Groundspeak doesn't allow event that are preplanned for non cachers also. I think that is the one way to get the community to best support cachers is by working WITH the public and talking to them about caching, especially while helping....but who am I to say what is good PR.


Groundspeak seems limited in allowing anything other than those.

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I think the definition of CITO is pretty limited.


Just looking at the CITO you're hosting in May, it doesn't sound like the issue is whether it's in a "parks, streets, trails, and pulling invasive species", but has more to do with it being a clean up that is piggybacked onto another, larger event that is hosted by the Neighborhood Association. More specifically:


To be published on Geocaching.com external events will need to designate a portion or section of the larger event to be by geocachers for geocachers.


Seeing as you have the clean up spread out over three shifts to accommodate the crowds (I assume), it seems a bit of a stretch to say that it fulfills the above portion of the Guidelines.


I've attended and seen listed, a number of CITO variations out there, and the format of the volunteer activity seems to seldom be the issue. I hosted one several years ago that involved counting people on a trail and doing short surveys of folks that were willing to participate.


Good luck with the CITO and thanks for hosting 8)

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