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  1. I think the definition of CITO is pretty limited....I had offered up an CITO idea to help out a historical building where there is a cache, and we help mow the law and pick up trash that people have dumped on the property. I was told this was not a cito and it is only limited to parks, streets, trails, and pulling invasive species. I did have a CITO published working with a community agency, but was told by the reviewer that these are no longer allowed in the future because as the reviewer said Groundspeak doesn't allow event that are preplanned for non cachers also. I think that is the one way to get the community to best support cachers is by working WITH the public and talking to them about caching, especially while helping....but who am I to say what is good PR. Groundspeak seems limited in allowing anything other than those.
  2. I think I figured it out by playing with it....DO NOT ADD the : even though it looks like part of the security word!
  3. I was trying to contact Groundspeak regarding if they need to see the documents or materials that logos are going to be posted on...but I cannot get the new contact us email site to go thru. I type the security word exactly as it shows with the : at the end of it, and it keeps saying that isn't the word. Not sure what is wrong.
  4. On this I agree! I find that the current reviewing process and the new set up of earthcaches have made them less about learning. I am NOT LEARNING anything at the last two new earth caches I've done here in oregon-one at the coast and one here in portland. The questions are common knowledge and I could answer them without visiting...I will visit because that is my nature, but taking out ALL references to animals and plants in one's write up? Excuse me but as you state, water and air are what MAKES life and THAT is determined by the soil and the structure of the landscape If you want me to observe the landscape and determine WHAT type of geological formation it is, don't I need to KNOW what grows or lives on it?
  5. No-they are very subtle things and things on the screen-take the number of weeks that the man in the razor wire had been dead when the police found him and add it to the age that Adam was when he was stabbed by a rusty nail. Thinks of this nature. Or how many cigarettes were in the ash tray of the person's car who had this done to them. What is the time on the clock when x happens Just reading the questions gave me nightmares, but then I'm a boringgirl.
  6. Sure, I understand your point. My point is that Saw isn't a gory movie about geocaching, if you catch my drift here. I am pointing out that allowing one type and not another that relates to geocaching could show a bias. Ok, totally get the film not being about caching...what was that lame film about caching? Splinterheads...ugh so dumb I would label STUPID movies as not family friendly HA
  7. Yes-have to agree NONE NEEDED tics me off to no ends...if I didn't need one I wouldn't LOOK. Also have seen. "It's a 4 difficulty" "Easy to find" "Really?" "Are you blind?" All of those just made me think, what a putz this hider must be.
  8. I'd love to ignore all with all the geospammers on the portland east side. A bunch of garbage in needle infested dog poop filled ivy! Now is that the language of location?
  9. My guess is that Groundspeak does not approve of an unfamily-driendly activity that directly relates to geocaching -- the profane podcast. I am now wondering what exactly is being considered profane. Time to listen to a Chicago geocaching podcast, if that is the subject here. Yes-however my point is, to solve the puzzle you must watch an R-Rated horror movie-a very gory slasher movie. It is tied to the cache puzzle and the only way to solve the puzzle is to watch a "unfamily-friendly" film. Same as listening to what Groundspeak and the Reviewer deemed a vulgar podcast. I don't blame this cacher for wanting a definition. The fluidity and the "don't use other caches as an example" card being played anytime there are questions...is frustrating to many.
  10. Currently there is a puzzle in the Salem, Oregon Metro area-it requires you to watch the movie SAW, a very GORY and GOOLISH movie, of which I have no desire to expose myself to. However, not everyone has to do that puzzle. I choose not to. How is that type of viewing considered family friendly (although I know a few too many children who watch slasher films)? Groundspeak has a lot of fluidity in its policy enforcement-especially the commercial version (a whole OTHER topic of discussion). Do I think that this cache needs to be archived? Heck no. I am a grown-up. I can read and know that NOPE That ain't for me. If you list on the cache page-the language may be offensive in this podcast. I think that is family friendly enough. You did your due dilagence for the parent. The fluidity of enforcement is what is most frustrating to cachers.
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