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Coolest Geocache

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What is the coolest geocache you have ever found and what were the steps you had to take to find it.


Just wondering as i am looking for creative cache ideas to hide


The coolest cache I ever found was a 2 part multi. Hidden in the woods but just a few steps from the trailhead. The final just a few steps from the first stage. All-in-all it was an easy find, terrain 2.5. At the first step was a hinged table strapped (not screwed or nailed) to a tree. The tabletop had a routered jig for placing handcrafted wooden jigsaw pieces. The pieces were in a covered box hidden from view. I spent about 10 minutes putting together the jigsaw puzzle (in the shape of the cache owners trailname logo with final coordinates painted on. The final was an ammo can with a nice hardcover logbook and decent swag. The cache owner family (Super_Doc) put so much of their talent, time and money into making an incredibly creative, well-maintained, hand-crafted, super fun cache.

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Some of my favorites:


Rabbits From Mars: one of the first truly tough, test-your-mettle-as-a-cacher Multis I had ever done. The hides at each and every stage are exquisite in their use of the landscape and natural camouflage. It often takes cachers multiple trips to find all four stages.


Tidal Forces-Hole in the Wall: a nice Earthcache with a great hike to it - it's about 2 miles from the parking lot to the cache site, all along a pebble-y beach. Plus I like that the cache not only gets you to notice the geology, but also the intertidal life in the area - since the two are very much linked.


Lunker's Lair: a fun 5/5 Traditional that involves diving in a lake with a pretty murky bottom! But such a great feeling to finally find it!


Dazed & Confused: a difficult to solve puzzle. But once you start unraveling it you realize how truly clever it is.

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