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How to sign caches without moving from Home: Tutorial


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Good morning.

I would like to ask some Portuguese groups about the way the use to sign caches far away from their home without come here.


Those groups are:







This year, in august they traveled to Spain. And they signed caches in Albacete, Murcia and Comunidad Valenciana all the days...

I cannot imagine how much gas they consumed in this travels. Minimum 500 km all the days...


Can you explain us? Because we want to do it in the same way!!

I would like to travel the whole world...


Ah, all your pictures taken during our events in Albacete came from Internet, not from your camera.

Please could you upload the real ones?



An example:

Team Cascais:









I can give more examples for each team.

So please, play fair in geocaching.

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I have no idea if they cheated or not (I don't even know them, I think). The point that you are saying on their photos makes perfect sense. But... the examples of caches and logs that you have given are actually possible for a geocacher that is caching in a long route (500Ks is actually just 4 hours away, driving in a highway - and the caches that they are claiming are park and grab so, not that time consuming; I have done it, believe me). Do you have any example that shows this off in a clearer way?

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You are right lynx_pardinus.


Well, take a look on this another example:




From 10/08 to 31/0, fmarques attended a event in Albacete and also he logged a cache in Murcia in the same day... Every day!

Do you know any example of people that travels 300 km every day doing this?


And another strange thing, If they went every day to Albacete why they didn't go to the meeting from 17/08? --> http://coord.info/GC4FQAJ


An explanation would be that they took pictures in a unique day... But if they got pictures from Internet... Why they logged the events? I don't understand.

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I have been known to log caches while being 800km away. My name is in the log book, and I found the caches. I was just behind on my logging. I had over 100 caches to log, doing a few each day. This could be the case- maybe the forgot to CIA he the dates on the log. Why didnt they attend an event? An event is one smiley- if they where trying for lots it would have been inefficient. They could have found multiple caches during the one event. Or maybe they were not there at the time the event happened. Or maybe, like I mentioned above, the date on the online log was wrong and they really were not there that day.


Logging finds far from home(and 500km is not far) by itself does not mean they are false. Until the logbooks are checked for their signatures, you have not reason to assume they cheated.

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True. Your are right. All this can be explained with logical or caused by a mistake


But what do you think about fmarques' log in all the events:


During a stay in Albacete, together with TMarques, Lagrot Team.Cascais and come to know the locations proposed by the Owner, and take some pictures in places unknown but magnificent.

Some photos were not taken in the days of the events were for only one week. All of them were worked on computer.

However my thanks to the Owner for giving me the best know this amazing city.


There was no logbook in the events. The only requirement to prove the attendance to the events was to take a picture of a place during the event (the place is different for each event).

As you can see, fmarques says that photos were not taken in the events...

Moreover, the pictures were taken from internet, not by the geocachers.


Maybe the point is: Why they logged the events as attended if they don't fit requirements to do it?



I don't know if they visited their logged caches in Murcia but I am pretty sure that they didn't went to all the events since they admit they didn't take pictures in the events.

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That's the correct thing to do when the cache owner is sure that the log is bogus and shouldn't have been issued.


That's what I do and some others cache owners do. But, unfortunately, we are a minority and that's why these behaviours pays back positions in the TOPs / Statistics...

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