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Hunting GPS Maps

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I am just wondering if anybody here has tried Hunting GPS Maps? I was in a Cabelas a few days ago and ran across this. I was thinking that this could be handy when I bring a GPS Along for ATVing, because it shows property ownership.


No-at best it shows who their(The people who made the map) say owned the property at the time it was made/last updated. Don't rely on that as your only means of finding ownership.


However I have seen some maps that are quite detailed in off road trails and good hunting, fishing, and camping spots. I believe there is a group in Ontario, Canada who maps every trail they take an ATV or dirtbike on, so their database has thousands of miles or so. They can't be the only ones. Though some of the "back country" maps are just range roads and township roads-you pay $50 or more for something you can see on Google, or even some paper maps for free(or close to it) So I guess check the brand before you buy it.

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The few reviews I found raved about the thing.

Of course, most sites had the company as a member offering discounts and such after someone mentioned a yearly fee...


A hundred bucks for the GPS chip, fifty for the PC, and thirty for ios app, with a yearly thirty dollar "update".

- In FAQ... " Do you have to buy a new map every year?"

← Update Questions "No, you can update your chip for $30 either online or by mailing it in. If you have the download, simply call to get the $30 update".


You can keep the map, but if you want it to work, cough up thirty a year?


I'd be curious to see how they worked out leases and how accurate info is.

I know a guy who leases 300 acres to eight people yearly.

This app may have the owners name on it, but it's leased property with eight people on the lease.

Even our Game Commission leases out properties to oil, gas and logging companies.

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Put this in your thought process mix.

I know for a fact that BLM's own digital property ownership data for their own lands is incorrect in many areas.

Guess who has to pay the fine if you get accused of being on private property.

It's better than nothing, if up to date (who knows that??) Use it for planning only, and then check locally.

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