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Lost Lizard #7

Gary C.

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I'm just a once in a while geocacher so I don't know my way around the site well. I found a cache this past weekend while backpacking along the Kern River here in California. I didn't have my GPS with so I can't give the coordinate's. I don't see it on the map so I assume it is listed under premium member only which I am not a member. From the log it looked like the cache had not been visited but once since it was placed and that was over a year ago. I signed the log and would like to give the owner an update if someone can link me to the listing or the owner that placed the cache. I forgot the name of the placer but I remember that the cache was listed as "Lost Lizard #7".


Thanks in advance for any help you can give,

Gary C.

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Doing a quick scan of caches along the Kern River (and the forks of the Kern River), I don't see a cache "Lost Lizard" in the title.


Can you be more specific as to where on the Kern you were when you found it? That might help us figure it out if actually has a different name.


It also may be a cache that was published and then archived, or a cache that was never published (and was perhaps signed by someone who was with the CO when they hid it). There's the potential that it's the final of a puzzle or multi, but there are hardly any in the area.

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Thanks for the quick reply guys. To be honest I didn't read Geocaching.COM anyplace, I just assumed. I didn't pay too much attention to detail because I figured I would be able to find it by looking at the map and knowing the name of the cache. It had a one page description about the cache including LL#7 and it did say something to give the impression it was a series and that this was number seven of the series. It didn't have a log sheet like you would normally find but they had placed an order receipt book like you would see used in a café or something. It also had a plastic lizard, pencil, all double zip-locked inside a Tupperware type container with "Lost Lizard #7" written on the lid. After finding the cache I showed it to my buddy that was near by. I just left a message for him to call me, maybe he remembers the owners name. The cache was about 2 miles up river from the forks of the Kern River and the Little Kern River, along the main Kern. It was on the northeast side of the trail away from the river. It was about 20yds up hill above the trail under the edge of small rock ledge with a few small rocks to help cover it.

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Nope, can't see any caches in the area that it could possibly be. Checked the biggest of the other geocaching sites and didn't see it there either.


So most likely either it was published and archived (and thus I can't see it on the map), or it was never published and the owner never removed the cache. Too bad there might be a series of caches out there all slowly becoming geo-litter!

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Do you remember what the name of the only finder was? If so you could try to find the cache thru that person's profile. Also, if it has been archived you can try and look at the caches around the cache you found. Check the logs to see who might have been in the area around the time it was placed to see if there are any archived caches on their list of finds?

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It's possible that the one person found it accidentally also. I found one by chance several months ago, and to date it is not listed anywhere. A few weeks ago I found another one in a curious place hidden by a few kids. It is not listed anywhere either, but signed by a dozen or more people who also found it accidentally. It's very odd, as the logbook has a page or more written out for each entry like the old geocaching logbooks, but everyone is signed in with their first names. It was in a forest with only one path leading to a cove, and under an old truck hood about 50 feet off trail.

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I had forgotten but my buddy took a picture. :D As you can see it says that it was planted by "OGS" Summer Adventures, 8/2012



There is a cacher account named OGS, but she has no hides or finds. She is involved with Girl Scouts, so this might have been a scouting project and never published.


Edited to add: You might want to try contacting her and asking if she knows anything about it.

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7rxc, it looks like you found the right link. The Blog is dated 7/30/2012 and would have obviously covered into August so the dates match up perfectly. Thank you everyone for you replies. I love seeing a mistery solved. A couple years ago I found a soup can lid that had been nail hole printed with a 1978 date and a guys name. It was nailed to a tree 6 miles in at a place called Jordan Hot Springs. When I got home and did a search I was able to find the guy. He was so excited to get an email from me and a picture of his long forgotten plaque. I may try and send these guys a copy of the picture above.


Link to the "OGS Summer Adventure".


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Great! I like solving mysteries when I can, helping when I can and... seeing what results from the effort. That photo tipped it for me.


Just make sure that you keep us informed as to your results, maybe they could share with you the coordinates for the rest of the series. I doubt it would be publishable due to the nature of their business, but they might still share.


Doug 7rxc

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