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Same cache. Very different logs!

Simply Paul
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So they swore lol. Ooooooo bothered. More importantly what great logs. God if we were unable to see past swearing Roy Chubby Brown, Billy Connoly and many many other people wouldn't have a career. May the marriage be a good one and good luck.


Loved the comment about what's between people's ears lol very true. From logs round here and I won't quote directly because it just causes trouble but ones that made us smirk and groan:


The caches are too close together and there is absolutely no need for these hints with finds as easy as this.

Next cache same cacher

Had to walk back to the car to crank up the smart phone to get the hint for this one.


Another cacher - hint "behind small hawthorn" log: The hint begged the question what's small, but anyway it was behind one of them TFTC. (Small in relation to those that were there probably you pillock).


I cannot understand why people don't log a DNF when clearly they searched for this one as they got the caches either side in the same series. It really is poor caching.

Same series, same cacher, one week later:

Searched for this one last week but was not able to find it then. However this week ******* and I searched for it and this time ******* found it right away. (No DNF from the previous week)


Another cacher and this one really shows how thick people can be:


Cache name, names cache location quite specifically. And it's on a very small piece of public street sculpture. Easily searched. GPS points a few feet away to a railing.


Sorry to log a needs maint on your cache but to be specific it's been found on the pavement by previous finder and is no longer magnetic and they put it back where they thought the hint item meant. We searched and could not find it so logging a needs maint. (My total pet hate btw) If its found in the meantime please let us know and we will delete our NM right away.


Next day - nice easy find - 21 cache finds approx/ Hint and description explained exactly where it was and nice easy find 230 finds approx m

"NM log deleted - we have let ourselves down we have let our family down etc" DNF logged. And yeah the last one was ours ... We can all be pratts :-S

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I think saying S**t in German is not as strong as it is in English. I did a Wherigo the other day written by a German (with and English language option) and it used it quite a bit.


Marriage proposal in Ben Nevis? Oh dear this can only mean it's all downhill from now on! :D :D




I was thinking the same thing - found the word used in just general conversation in Holland when I was there in July.

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